PSLE Workshop : How to Ace Paper 1 Continuous Writing - Part 2 of 2


This session is Part 2 of Continuous Writing Series. 
10 Minutes:- Tutor to introduce himself/herself, take attendance and outline the objectives of the lesson, which are:

  1. Learning 5 (out of 10) skills required to write a narrative composition.
  2. Completing exercises during class time.

15 Minutes:-Skill 6: Metaphors/Similes- Students will be taught the various ways they can use metaphors/similes in their compositions

15 Minutes:-Metaphor/Similes Exercise- Students will try exercises on metaphors/similes and these will be gone through in class.

15 Minutes:-Skill 7 – Hyperboles/Personification- Students will be taught how to use hyperboles and personifications in their compositions.

15 Minutes:-Hyperboles/Personification Exercise- Students will complete exercises in class on the use of hyperboles and personification.

15 Minutes:-Skill 8 - Advanced Vocabulary – Students will learn how to incorporate advanced vocabulary into their compositions.

15 Minutes:-Advanced Vocabulary Exercise- Students will complete exercises in class on the use of advanced vocabulary.

15 Minutes:-Skill 9 – Surrounding description-Students will learn how to describe the surroundings and other characters’ reactions in their stories, apart from the main characters.

15 Minutes:-Surrounding description exercise - Students will complete a short exercise on surrounding descriptions and this will be gone through.

15 Minutes:-Skill 10- Conclusions- Students will be taught skills to writing a strong conclusion.

15 Minutes:-Conclusions Exercise-Students will try exercises on writing a strong conclusion.

10 Minutes:--Tutor will assign homework , 1 full compo to be written.

 This will be marked to detail with feedback and returned within 10 days.

10 Minutes:-Tutor will debrief students. The remaining time will be spread throughout the workshop as break time.


Eva Rene Jay

Professional Teacher, B.A. Communication and Class Valedictorian (University at Buffalo, The State University of New York, 2006-2009), Diploma in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) (London Teacher Training College, 2010 - 2011), Diploma in Education (National Institute of Education, 2005)

Eva is a passionate teacher who strongly believes in every single student under her care. She knows that with the right guidance and techniques, every child can excel at a language.

Over the past decade, Eva has worked with students from ages 6 to 60, to help them with their language skills and examinations. Eva has gained a vast range of knowledge and experience from students of all walks of life and from institutions with varied academic profiles. Her diverse teaching experience has given her the skills required to help her students ace a large variety of national and international examinations and assessments (PSLE, O levels, A levels, AEIS, Olympiad, WSG Workplace English Literacy Assessments, etc).

Eva is a constant advocate of the precious nature of time, and she ensures that no time is wasted with her. She goes above and beyond for her students and the can be felt by them, both in and out of her classroom. A firm, yet kind teacher, Eva always delivers her promise of ensuring the best for her students.

She has worked at several international and local schools in Singapore, Workforce Singapore, British Council, and English educational institutions in the Middle-East and has over 15 years of English teaching experience.