Heuristics - 6


Does your child know WHICH Heuristic techniques to apply to solve a particular challenging Maths problem ....in the most effective way?

Subscribe for this series of heuristics sessions equipping your child with the Key essential Heuristics to solve even the hardest questions in the Maths exams.

The teacher will Explain Heuristics Method to manage problem sums and Word Problems with examples. At the same time, students can also ask the question to the teacher if any confusion. 

Let's study and grow.


Izam Bin Marwasi

Izam is a self-taught tutor and has been tutoring for more than 10 years. He has an inborn love to solve math problems since he was young. He brings with him a happy and fun way of learning Maths and he understands the struggles of a child. He is able to cover the various concepts systematically and to approach the questions from various angles as covered in the school exams.