2020 Prelims papers - 5


Prelim Papers are an important tool to know the simple mistakes you are doing while the exam. In Today's session teacher Izam will solve and explain 2020 prelim paper to make students understand the type of mistakes they do and give some tips and tricks to avoid those mistakes in mains.

At the same time, students can also ask the questions to the teacher if any confusion. 

Let's study and grow.


Izam Bin Marwasi

Izam is a self-taught tutor and has been tutoring for more than 10 years. He has an inborn love to solve math problems since he was young. He brings with him a happy and fun way of learning Maths and he understands the struggles of a child. He is able to cover the various concepts systematically and to approach the questions from various angles as covered in the school exams.