About the Tutor
Tina Tan
Tina Tan

Tina has more than 17 years of tutoring students in Singapore and she believes that Science is a practical subject that can be applied to our day to day life.

She cultivates an interest in science by sharing practical examples and encouraging her students to discuss concepts which can be applied to their studies and ultimately helps them to excel in their science paper.

About Session
Session Name Cycles (P5 Topic) (P5 Science)
Topic Covered
  • Cycles

Topics Covered:  Reproduction in Animals

  1.  Sexual versus Asexual reproduction
  2.  Sexual reproduction in Humans
  3. Family tree & Heredity
  4. MCQs and discussion of solutions

Students will be introduced to the differences between sexual and assexual reproduction, reproduction in humans, the development of a human foetus, the family tree and hereditary characteristics which are passed from parents to their offspring. Students will also attempt MCQs on the topic.

Dates January 19, 07:30 PM SGT
Credit Required 5 Credits Required