About the Tutor
Mr Richard Wee
Mr Richard Wee

Richard is an experienced tutor of over 20 years, specializing in coaching English and Mathematics to Primary and Secondary school students. He is an alumni of Victoria Junior College and Nanyang Technological University (Communication Studies).  His students include those with special needs with learning disabilities, underachievers who lack motivation, and high achievers who love challenges. He is able to custom the learning methods according to their needs to help them reach their potential. This is mainly due his personal mantra and as an over-achiever in his own personal journey where he has risen above his challenges and obstacles and competition to win various awards, including being a recipient of a scholarship.

About Session
Session Name Editing (S2 English)
Topic Covered
  • Situational Writing

To learn grammar skills and how to tackle the editing section.

The editing section of the Secondary School english paper should be mastered early. Students will learn how to excel at this section with the tips and tricks given.

Dates February 24, 07:30 PM SGT
Credit Required 5 Credits Required