About the Tutor
Teacher Ling
Teacher Ling

An Ex MOE teacher who has 8 years of teaching in Bukit Panjang Govt High school and over 15 years tutoring. I am currently starting on my Masters in Education. I have taught ESL learners in Chile, US and Mexico. Currently teaching cultural studies in Taiwan in a bilingual program , I continue to tutor Singapore students with special needs and those interested in going into the IB program, online. I have been featured in  MOE magazine as a humorous teacher which is why I have good rapport with my students all over the world. I have also written a book chapter about teaching literature in SIngapore which is now used as a supplimentary textbook by NIE teachers. I believe in teaching my students skills they can apply. I have also conducted workshops for students doing O level literature as it is my forte. 

About Session
Session Name Level Check (P3 English)

Testing of prior knowledge and where the students are in terms of comprehension and grammar levels.

Dates February 09, 06:00 PM SGT
Credit Required 5 Credits Required