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Mrs Mogan
Mrs Mogan

I am a teacher with 9 years of experience. I used to teach in a government school and reputable centres around Singapore. I hold a BA in English Language and Literature. My teaching style is customized to suit the learning needs of my students. I have a proven track record of my students moving to the next grade in a short span of time. 

About Session
Session Name I Got the School Spirit (P1 English)

Her spirit surfaces in onomatopoeic words on nearly every double-page spread, contributing to the high energy of the story. This picture book establishes a sentence pattern that persists, one that will help nascent readers predict what comes next. Each line begins with a personal pronoun and an active-voice verb—“I share,” “I breathe,” “we sing,” etc.—that exudes this protagonist’s enthusiasm for school.

Dates March 10, 04:10 PM SGT
Credit Required 5 Credits Required