About the Tutor
Mrs Cheong
Mrs Cheong

Mrs Cheong was a MOE teacher for 8 years in primary schools in Singapore and is currently a relief teacher. She has more than 10 years of teaching experience and loves teaching children and bringing fun to their learning journey. With her passion in Mathematics and Science, she engages her students well to make her sessions fun and interesting. She believes it is important to go through the basic or foundation of each learning objectives to find out the student’s difficulties and slowly increasing its difficulty so that the students will be able to be more confident in learning the subject. There will be lots of discussion on the different ways of solving the problem rather than giving one-way solution (especially Maths). Her approach in teaching science involves real life applications and relating it to the concepts being taught. 

About Session
Session Name Diversity of living things (Plants) (P4 Science )
Topic Covered
  • Diversity

Theme: Diversity

  1. Recall on different groups of plants
  2. Learn how to compare and classify plants correctly
  3. Learn how to interpret data 
  4. Make inference based on the data provided

Students will be able to recall on the diversity of living things (plants) and learn skills required to answer open-ended questions correctly. Students will be exposed to compare, read and interpret data provided.


Dates January 19, 04:30 PM SGT
Credit Required 3 Credits Required