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Teacher Parvin
Teacher Parvin

Teacher Parvin is a MOE registered tutor who has been teaching local Primary and Secondary students since 2006. A qualified Engineering graduate with both local and international teaching experience, she has worked as a relief teacher at a secondary school and is also currently a tutor in CDAC and SINDA. She is passionate in teaching and believes in conceptual teaching and not blind memorization. Her students have been placed successfully in reputable institutions and the feedback has been always positive that the students had been doing very well in their tertiary levels due to a strong foundation in their studies. 

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Session Name Model of Matter - The Particulate Nature of Matter (S1 Science )
Topic Covered
  • Models

Model of Matter - The Particulate Nature of Matter

1) Matter

2) Particulate Nature of Matter

3) General Properties of Matter

4) Application questions on the abovementioned sub-headings & a discussion of its solutions/answers

By the end of this session, students will be able to understand that matter is made of particles, use the particulate model of matter to explain the physical properties of matter. Students will get to practice a variety of commonly-tested questions, both MCQs and open-ended, for this topic.

Dates May 31, 07:30 PM SGT
Credit Required 3 Credits Required