About the Tutor

Teacher Anusha has more than 20 years of tutoring experience and she holds a Bachelors in Mass Communications from Northumbria University, Master of Counselling from Monash University and is a certified CELTA from Cambridge University. Her teaching experience includes Sinda, Adam Khoo Learning Centre, Oodles Learning Centre, CDAC and the American Centre for Education. She is also a certified Soft Skills Trainer, Life Coach and Counsellor.  She currently teaches Primary English, Maths, Science, and Tamil, Secondary English, E-Math, Combined Chemistry and Biology, Social studies and History.  She also teaches Creative Writing, Speech & Drama, IELTS, AEIS, puppetry and Science Olympiad for primary schools.   Her students have improved well over the years as her lessons are often learner-based and focus on character building and guiding them on study techniques. 

About Session
Session Name Decimals (P4 Mathematics )
Topic Covered
  • Decimals

Students will focus on the topic of Decimals and learn aboutDividing a whole number by a whole number with quotient as a decimal, converting fractions to decimals with denomiator is a factor of 10 or 100 and practice the various questions that will be tested in exams.

Dates May 20, 04:00 PM SGT
Credit Required 3 Credits Required