About the Tutor
Mrs Mogan
Mrs Mogan

I am a teacher with 9 years of experience. I used to teach in a government school and reputable centres around Singapore. I hold a BA in English Language and Literature. My teaching style is customized to suit the learning needs of my students. I have a proven track record of my students moving to the next grade in a short span of time. 

About Session
Session Name Feelings (P2 English )
Topic Covered
  • Grammar
  • Vocabulary
  • Visual Text Comprehension
  • Editing
  • Synthesis and Transformation
  • Vocabulary Cloze
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Situational Writing
  • Continuous Writing

Grumpy Monkey

Does Jim Panzee want to go for a walk? No! How about having a playdate? No! Not even to eat a banana? No! Grumpy Monkey just wants to say "no." Sometimes it seems like the only word toddlers know is "no," and Jim is no exception. A simple text and humorous artwork offer parents the perfect funny book to help when their toddler says "no" to absolutely everything. This lesson is an all-in-one class. Mrs Mogan will cover all crucial components of grammar, comprehension, vocabulary and writing to build important foundational skills in your child.

Dates June 02, 05:15 PM SGT
Credit Required 3 Credits Required