About the Tutor
Susan Tham
Susan Tham

Teacher Susan has over 10 years experience as a private tutor focusing on Maths and Science. She believes learning is a lifelong journey and her passion is helping students believe that they can also do well in their studies. She makes learning fun and increases the confidence of students in the process.

Many of her students improve their grades with her study tips and progress to top schools. She is familiar with the MOE syllabus and able to break down complex problems using easy to understand concepts. Her students include international students who are intrigue by Singapore Maths.

During her spare time, she enjoys working on challenging puzzles (which most people find strange), cooking and travelling the world.

About Session
Session Name Length, Mass and Volume (P3 Mathematics )
Topic Covered
  • Measurement

1) Kilograms and Grams
2) Litres and Millilitres

Dates July 02, 11:30 AM SGT
Credit Required 5 Credits Required