How to Help Your Child Study Effectively: Active Recall and Spaced Repetition

Success in school doesn’t come from one activity; it is about the correct mix of effort, habits, and attitude. Many kids tend to struggle with studying, and several factors play major roles in a child’s depleting interest in studying. However, homework has to be done, and they also have to prepare for the big test soon; this is why your child needs to learn how to improve and maximize their study time. 

Thankfully, this article contains tips that will help your child maximize their study time and thrive in school now and in years to come

5 Ways to Help Your Child Study Effectively

The best way to ensure your child studies effectively is to discover new ways to make learning more exciting. So, to help you overcome this, here are a few options to consider.

Practice Active Recall and Spaced Repetition

Active recall, which also means practice testing or active retrieval, is an effective study method that overtakes the original way of learning. Traditionally, children learn by trying to put different information into their brains. However, with active recall, kids learn by retrieving information from their brains. It does sound strange, but in practice, it is pretty straightforward.

This learning method involves taking a specific topic your child wants to learn, creating questions based on that topic, and then repeatedly testing your child on those questions. When you force their brain to retrieve the information, it ensures that they actively learn rather than passively read it.

On the other hand, if your kid needs to learn something and you want the learning to stick, the best study method is to practice spaced repetition. Spaced repetition is an effective learning method in which the same information is repeated with at least 10-minute breaks in between. This study method enhances long-term memory creation, especially for kids since they get uninterested in studying quickly.

Take Advantage of New Study Platforms and Technology

The emergence of technology has opened up new ways of learning. Plus, with internet access, anyone can learn about anything whenever they want. And learning how to leverage these online resources is essential to your child’s future in school and life. Today’s new-age learning platforms make learning exciting and easy for kids. You can help your kid learn to navigate educational apps and study platforms that have games at the core. Having fun while learning is what good educational technology is all about.

Eliminate Distractions

As adults, we want to believe that multitasking is possible, but no one can multitask flawlessly. To study effectively, focus and concentration are highly needed. And most times, that means eliminating any form of distraction. The most common distraction types for kids are their mobile devices and TVs.

Ensure that you designate a place outside their study areas to keep their phones or tablets during their study time. Although, mobile phones or TV are not the only sources of distraction. Noisy siblings can also make it difficult for your child to focus. This is why you should find a study place outside your home’s common areas to remove any form of distraction.

Introduce Regular but Short Breaks

Sitting in one position and studying for hours without taking brain breaks is most likely to produce poor results. Instead of forcing your child to sit in one position for hours, you can ensure they take short breaks during study time. When your kid is on break in-between study time, they can take a walk, check in with friends or siblings, stretch, or even grab a snack. The important thing is to ensure you set a time to return to studying and get back to it without delay.

Get a Fixed Study Area


It is easier to remain focused and productive when a child is in a space they like and enjoy, even for adults. As your child grows, they might need a designated desk they can customize and use for studying. Getting a special study area helps remove any form of distraction when studying. So, help your child get a desk large enough for textbooks, notepads, pencils, scratch paper, highlighters, and maybe a computer. Then, allow them to put in some colors and accessories they want and are comfortable with. When a child’s study space fits their style, they will more likely enjoy using it for learning.

Improve Your Child’s Study Habit With Explico

Having your child read through notes and textbooks can be stressful and tedious. There is only so much time your child can concentrate on reading before their eyes start to glaze over. So, if you want to help your child overcome their struggles when studying, you can try other effective methods. So, contact Explico today to get other alternatives that can improve your child’s study habits. Explico will first assess your child to determine the best study habit that can produce the best results. Therefore, rest assured that we will do our best to help your child learn in the most suitable way.

How to Help Your Child Study Effectively: Active Recall and Spaced Repetition
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