Here is our team

Ashutosh Shukla | Explico Pte Ltd

Ashutosh Shukla

Founder & CEO

15 years of software development experience with 8+ years in different startup environments.

Sandesh Shetty | Explico Pte Ltd

Sandesh Shetty

Co-Founder & Chief Business Strategist

16 years of Business Development Experience with major focus in Education related projects

Yee Jenn Jong | Explico Pte Ltd

Yee Jenn Jong

Director - Strategies And Partnerships

He believes in the innovative use of technology and well-designed curriculum to spark the life-long learning interest in students.

Catherine leng | Explico Pte Ltd

Catherine Leng

Manager - Client Relationship

Chartered Accountant by profession with well-blended expertise in financials and talent acquisition of more than 10 years.

Lawrence Khoong | Explico Pte Ltd

Lawrence Khoong

Manager - International Operations

An industry professional with more than 20+ years of experience in Education working across Asian region

Nurkartina Tan (Tina) | Explico Pte Ltd

Tina Tan

Academic - Science

Her teaching methods are discussion-based & she also uses videos & home experiments to engage the students.

Santhya Eva Rene Jay | Explico Pte Ltd

Eva Rene Jay

Academic - English

Eva is a passionate teacher who strongly believes in every single student under her care.

AmQue Goh | Explico Pte Ltd

AmQue Goh

Academic - Mathematics

Bachelors from NUS majoring in Statistics and a coding enthusiast, AmQue has more than 5 years of teaching experience specialising in Mathematics.