PSLE English Tuition in Singapore

PSLE, or the Primary School Leaving Examination, is the first major exam students in Singapore will face in their primary school education. This exam is highly important to secure a place in a good secondary school of their choice. English is one of the papers in which students should score high to advance to the next level. Students have to attend English exams from primary school all the way to Junior college. Further, PSLE also serves as the summative assessment to check a primary school student's English ability. Explico's PSLE English tuition helps students consolidate their weaknesses and aims to improve students’ proficiency levels in all areas so as to score high in the primary English exam. With this in mind, we ensure that our students will obtain benefits in further education as the medium of communication and education is English in Singapore.

Importance of PSLE English Tuition


As an important means of communication throughout the world, English is fast becoming an important language children must develop. With complex sentence structures, comprehensive grammatical rules and challenging Vocabulary, becoming proficient in the language is not as easy for children. Any language needs time, practice and sufficient exposure to master and become confident in. In addition, as it is a subject which students have to score marks in, they need professional guidance. At Explico, we offer english tuition for psle for primary students in Singapore to help them have a smooth-sailing experience in the English exam.

Common Challenges Students Face in the English Exams


Heavy Workload: It is true that students have to face some difficult questions when they are transitioning from Primary 5 to Primary 6. An increased workload will make students stressed and overwhelmed, especially when they realize that their English scores will affect their further education.

Challenging Exam Questions: As the level of difficulty increases through the primary levels, students may feel overwhelmed. When faced with multiple question-types in a typical English exam, they may feel confused and unprepared.

Difficulty in Writing Coherent Essays: Students have to write an essay in Paper 1. Here, they would feel challenged as they might lack content ideas and have issues with the logical flow of an essay during the exam. Further, sentence formation may also be a challenge.

Inability to Clear Doubts:: Students may experience doubts as the English language is complicated. Hence, they would need proper assistance to clear all these doubts. Specifically, students who are more timid by nature may feel that it is much more difficult for them to ask for help in clearing their doubts, especially in a classroom setting.

Benefits of PSLE English Tuition from Explico


Increased Confidence

Having a private PSLE English tutor will help students with their communication skills and also provide ample practice for the oral exam. Our one-on-one sessions offer a conducive environment and students will not feel so self-conscious. Explico's psle english tuition in singapore will also give students personalized guidance on how they can improve their method of communication and prepare them for the Oral English exams. So, along with preparing students for the English exam, they will also be trained in speech and communication skills.

Personal Guidance

At our psle english tuition, we conduct the sessions one-to-one. This ensures that the English tutor's attention is undivided and thus he/she is able to better assess the positive and negative aspects of the students. Hence, the private English tutor can train the students to understand their own strengths and weaknesses. Overall, students will have a more conducive learning environment compared to the classroom, where your child will be one among many students.

Assurance for AL 1 Score

Ultimately, the aim of primary education is to obtain a high AL score. With years of experience and specially curated material in line with the MOE curriculum as well as targeted lesson plans, our tutors can help students score high in the English exam. Our team of tutors come highly-experienced in training students to get high scores.

How Explico Excel in PSLE English Tuition


Some psle english tuition in singapore focuses only on certain components of the English language. Some centers only focus on Paper 1, where writing skills are tested, or on Paper 2 where language use and comprehension skills are tested. Other centers only specialize in developing students’ listening and oral communication skills. It is important to note however, that the PSLE English paper assesses students on a much wider spectrum. Hence, Explico's best english tuition for psle prioritizes ALL components of the English language so that our students will excel in the overall subject.

Finding Student's Weakness

Everyone is unique and their strengths and weaknesses will differ in several ways. Some students may experience difficulties with answering comprehension questions, some may find the oral and communication component tougher while others may have issues with the Vocabulary component. With our one-to-one english tuition for psle singapore, our tutors can closely monitor and take note of the areas students have to concentrate on and work harder towards.

Teaching How to Study

It is not enough for the English tutor to stress on what to study to excel in PSLE English; they should also help students with how to study. Explico tutors practice that. For instance, they will recommend that students read extensively across different genres of books to enhance their Vocabulary or even share tips on time management, note-taking and even managing stress. In addition, if the student is struggling with oral communication, he/she will also be exposed to videos on public speaking.

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  • Is your primary English tuition specifically designed for the PSLE exam?

    Yes, our PSLE English tuition is specifically designed to prepare students in Singapore for the PSLE English exam. Our focus is to provide students with the essential skills to be well prepared and more importantly, to obtain high scores for the English exam. The components we train students in include - Comprehension, Composition, Listening and Oral Communication.

  • What Does the PSLE English Tuition curriculum cover at Explico?

    The curriculum covers all the necessary aspects for students to face the primary exam. This includes reading, writing, speaking and listening. Explico’s English curriculum is designed as per MOE guidelines. Students will be guided in Reading Comprehension, Grammar, Vocabulary, Composition Writing, Oral Communication and Listening Comprehension.

  • Are the English tutors experienced?

    Yes, our team of tutors in psle english tuition singapore are highly experienced and they also have a proven track record of helping students score high in the English exam. Further, they are also dedicated by offering personalized support and guidance based on individual students’ ability.