Primary 5 English - Overview

The Primary 5 English is an integral component of student language education. The curriculum emphasizes building essential language skills like reading, writing and speaking. It also emphasizes an increase in understanding and application of grammar, vocabulary and comprehension skills. Students are provided the tools and encouragement to express themselves creatively and fluently in both spoken and written forms, with literary exploration serving to foster an appreciation of Literature. Language skills will continue to develop as students progress into upper primary school levels - helping prepare them for more complex academic and communication requirements and demands in secondary school settings. The Primary 5 English course serves as an integral part of a student′s journey as they grow both linguistically and academically.

List of Topics Covered in Primary 5 English Exam


Module 1

Module 1 in primary 5 english exam paper covers 4 components: Grammar, Vocabulary, Visual text and Situational writing. The aim of this module is to further develop children′s knowledge and understanding of the grammatical rules, build on their vocabulary, and learn how to look for clues to answer visual text comprehension questions. Here, children will learn to write formal, and informal letters and emails in situational writing and be exposed to all the types of situational writing.

Module 2

Module 2 follows the structure of the primary 5 english exam paper and will deliver deeper narrative writing skills that will put into practice the skills needed to plan and draft the composition. Children will also learn how to get the highest possible marks in reading and spoken interaction sections. Also, this module will cover important concepts for the Comprehension as well as the Synthesis and transformation sections.

Module 3

As structured in the primary 5 english exam paper, module 3 covers Editing, Comprehension, Grammar, Synthesis and transformation and Visual text. Children will practice the skills learned in the theory lessons from previous lessons and practice exam questions.

Module 4

Module 4 focuses on intensive revision to enable children to put into practice the skills learned in the theory lessons from previous lessons. The primary 5 english exam paper will be used as practice to familiarize students with the English components to perform well in the year-end English examinations.

Interactive lessons with


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Modular lessons

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Time Based Learning

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Strategies for Cracking Primary 5 English Exam

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An effective strategy is required for passing the Primary 5 English Exam. Achieving this requires understanding the syllabus thoroughly, regular reading and writing practice, honing your critical thinking abilities and strengthening vocabulary while mastering grammatical rules. Time management during testing lessons with educators or facilitators may also prove invaluable. Positive attitudes coupled with confidence in your language skills should ensure a successful examination outcome.

Common Challenges to Train Children for Primary 5 English

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In the primary 5 English exam paper, children learn to face some unique obstacles. Students often struggle with advanced Grammar rules and complicated Vocabulary. It may be challenging to write compositions with both creativity and structure under pressure. Exams and time management pressure can make keeping children interested and engaged with language learning challenging. Keeping children interested requires patient guidance, interactive methods of learning, regular practice lessons, and building confidence with mock exams. However, with proper support, children can excel in Primary 5 English!

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Explico Online primary 5 english tuition can assist students in excelling at the Primary 5 English Exam. Our program offers a structured curriculum covering advanced Grammar, Vocabulary and Reading skills as well as writing abilities. Students receive personalized attention from expert educators in order to face individual challenges successfully. They also get to engage in interactive lessons with practical exercises for resolving doubts. Our method promotes creativity while building confidence when using the English language. Time management is also taught for exam success with Explico′s Online Tuition, providing well-equipped students with enough confidence to tackle exams head-on with language proficiency and critical thinking abilities! Explico′s Online Tuition prepares students well for taking the Primary 5 English Exam. With language proficiency and critical-thinking capabilities, students at Explico will be fully able to succeed proficiently in the Primary 5 English exam!

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  • What is the Primary 5 English Exam?

    The Primary 5 English exam is an integral component of Primary school curricula and serves to assess students' language abilities - such as Reading, Writing, Comprehension and Listening abilities.

  • How can I improve my Vocabulary for Primary 5 English?

    Develop your Vocabulary through reading books, studying synonyms and learning word substitution. Reading and writing regularly are also great ways to increase your Vocabulary.

  • What are question tags, and what is their purpose in Primary 5 English?

    The Collins Dictionary defines Question tags in Grammar as ‘a very short clause at the end of a statement which changes the statement into a question.’ For example, in ‘She said half price, didn’t she?’, the words ‘didn’t she’ are a question tag. These questions added at the end of sentences are to seek clarification and can help improve communication and are an integral component of Primary English classes.

  • What are some common tense errors to watch out for in Primary 5 English?

    Common verb tense errors include improper usage. To effectively avoid such mistakes, pay careful attention to context and practice its usage regularly.

  • How can I prepare for the Primary 5 English Exam's Comprehension section?

    Prepare for the Comprehension section by reading multiple texts and responding to their accompanying questions, paying special attention to comprehending both the main ideas and details found within each passage.