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The PSLE exam in Singapore is not the be-all and end-all examination, but it is still extremely important for the education of the students. This especially applies to PSLE math. Math is a subject that students have practised since pre-school. They will also continue maths in junior college and the workplace. Excelling in such math exams will help lay a good foundation and increase their confidence to continue their secondary education. Math is one of the subjects in which students can get full scores on the primary exam. With the right guidance and planned practice from psle maths tuition singapore, they can easily achieve better Achievement Level 1 (AL1) scores.

Importance of PSLE Maths Tuition


Students feel that the PSLE maths exam is tough to score as there are lots of challenging, unconventional questions. Though a few questions are exceptionally challenging, and the experts have reviewed them and decided not to appear, there are still several challenging questions. So, the students should continue to achieve content mastery and be completely equipped with the relevant concepts and practice to face such questions.

Students and parents should know the importance of the primary maths exam score as it is one of the important subjects in primary school. Further, maths is also a manditory subject in secondary school as well. At Explico, we provide psle maths tuition for students in singapore where they can prepare and be confident enough to take up the national examination.

Common Problems Faced By Students to Score High in PSLE Maths Exam


Lack of Awareness in Time Management

The maths exam consists of 2 pages - Paper 1 and Paper 2. In paper 1, the students will have to answer 30 questions. Out of 30 questions, 15 will be MCQ and 15 short answer questions. The time duration will be 1 hour. In paper 2, the students will have to answer five short-answer questions and 12 long-answer questions, and the duration will be 90 minutes. Both these papers will have some time pressure. Here, the students should have enough training to plan their time management. This will prevent them from panicking. So they will be able to answer all the questions with high accuracy.

Careless Mistakes

One of the most frustrating things for parents, teachers, and even students is that they know how to answer the question, but they end up with the wrong answer due to a careless mistake. Though it is common to make careless mistakes in mathematics, practice can help them reduce such errors. With the psle maths tuition centre, the students will get in the habit of checking the answers and working on the mistakes they made.

Facing Pattern Questions

One of the troubles that primary students face is the pattern questions. These questions are designed to find the pattern in a certain set of shapes. Some students will feel that these questions are similar to some IQ questions, and they can be learned only with regular practice. With psle maths tuition centre, primary school students in Singapore will get exposed to a variety of such pattern questions, which will help them to find pattern questions more easily in the exam.

What Do Students Get Out of PSLE Maths Tuition from Explico


A Strong Foundation

Secondary school education is a big jump from primary school for students in terms of difficulty. So, the students should use this opportunity to revise the math concepts and become strong in the subject. Explico’s psle math tuition centre singapore offers one-on-one learning sessions where dedicated tutors will help the students clarify their doubts and enhance their mathematical skills. This will help students secure high scores on the exam and excel in the mathematical foundation of secondary education.

Gain More Confidence

With our dedicated PSLE math tutors, students can gain more confidence with math concepts as all the tutors will answer all their queries promptly. Explico's psle math tuition centre singapore will explain the concepts again and again till the students understand. They will also conduct some small tests to check the student's understanding and abilities to solve the mathematical problems. The tutors will also evaluate the answers, which will help them to attend the exam with greater confidence.

Improvement in Results

The goal of best psle math tuition is to help students to score high. Explico's psle math tuition prepares student-specific strategies. We frame strategies based on the skills and efficiency of the students. Thus, We produce excellent results every year.

Why Explico for PSLE Maths Tuition



We have a team of maths tutors who have years of experience in guiding students to score high in PSLE maths exams. With this experience, they are familiar with the syllabus and strategies for preparing.

Unique Strategies

Imparting exam strategies and tips would help students during the exam. We teach students how to plan their time, the types of questions they have to face, which questions to answer first, and the framework to go through when they are stuck somewhere in the exam.

Simple Solutions for Complicated Concepts

The primary maths exam comes with several complicated concepts. It is based on the student's ability to understand and tackle such questions. We understand from the student's point of view and have one-on-one sessions to teach the concepts in a simplified way.

Relevant Practice Material

A frustrating thing for educators is the overhanging PSLE math syllabus in Singapore. So, this needs an updated practice module every year. Our Maths tutors from Explico prepare current syllabus-based practice modules. Further, they guide students in solving the module and clear doubts immediately.

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  • How do you assess my child's learning needs in PSLE Maths tuition?

    We begin by conducting a comprehensive assessment of your child's current math proficiency level, strengths, weaknesses, and learning preferences. Based on this assessment, we develop a customized learning plan tailored to your child's specific needs and goals, ensuring that they receive the support and guidance they need to succeed in PSLE Maths.

  • What teaching approach do you use in PSLE Maths tuition?

    Our PSLE Maths tuition program utilizes a student-centered approach, focusing on active learning, problem-solving skills, and conceptual understanding. Our experienced tutors employ a variety of teaching methods, including interactive lessons, hands-on activities, and targeted practice exercises, to engage students and enhance their understanding of key math concepts.

  • How do you track my child's progress in PSLE Maths tuition?

    We believe in the importance of regular feedback and progress monitoring to ensure that your child is making meaningful progress in PSLE Maths tuition. Our tutors regularly assess your child's performance through quizzes, tests, and assignments, and provide detailed feedback to help them identify areas for improvement and track their progress over time.