Primary 3 Science - Overview

Primary 3 science provides students with an introduction to the mysteries and wonders of nature, inspiring their curiosity and exploration. The curriculum covers topics like Classification, Living & Non-Living Things, Materials, Magnets and The Human Digestive System. Primary 3 students engage in practical experiments for further practical understanding and using their critical thinking skills through observation and exploration. Furthermore, Primary 3 science establishes an excellent basis for scientific inquiry while teaching children basic concepts in the abovementioned topics.

List of Modules in Primary 3 Science


Module 1: Diversity

This module offers the basic fundamentals of diversity to familiarize students with science questions for primary 3. They will learn about the characteristics of Living and Non-living beings. They will learn to classify animals and plants. Topics like fungi and bacteria and how important they are to the ecosystem will also be covered. Further, the students will learn about the diversity of materials and their properties, functions and sustainability.

Module 2: Cycle

This short module encompasses the theme of cycles. Primary 3 students will be introduced to animal and plant life cycles. The stages of growth and change in various animals and plants will be covered.

Module 3: Interactions

This module will offer an in-depth understanding of the characteristics of magnets and the making of magnets. With this module, the students can learn to locate poles on various magnet types, find the strongest part of a magnet, understand the forces of attraction and repulsion, and learn various methods of making magnets.

Module 4: Systems

This module in primary 3 science covers the fundamentals of Plants and Human systems. Students will learn about the 5 human systems covered in the MOE syllabus, with a main focus on the Human Digestive System. They will also learn the parts of Plants and its functions.

Module 5: Exam Consolidation

This module encompasses the components to prepare for the primary 3 science exam. This includes MCQ practice, open-ended practice and higher-order thinking skills. With additional practice from Top-school exam papers and questions from highly-sought after assessments, Primary 3 students get ample practice to familiarize themselves with the exam structure for primary 3 science.

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How to Learn Primary 3 Science with Ease?


At the Primary 3 level, our approach to learning Science combines lesson engagement with understanding of content to make learning a breeze. Our curriculum features all the Primary 3 Science topics aligned with the MOE Science syllabus. Visual aids, interactive lessons and practical experiments ensure students gain a thorough understanding. Hands-on activities encourage curiosity. Our program, with an emphasis on critical thinking and real-world applications not only aids in passing exams but also fosters an interest in scientific exploration for life. Come join us and make primary 3 science an enjoyable journey that fosters academic success as well as scientific curiosity for your child throughout their lives!

Common Challenges When Teaching Primary 3 Science


Teaching to answer science questions for primary 3 can be rewarding but also presents unique challenges for any teacher/tutor. Students may struggle to comprehend abstract concepts in topics such as Magnets. Innovative approaches must be utilized in order to make learning more concrete. Creative thinking is necessary to keep young learners interested and engaged with various topics like Magnets and Human Digestive System, while simultaneously providing theoretical knowledge. Experiential activities must also be integrated in order to foster comprehension and understanding of Scientific concepts. In addition, addressing various levels of knowledge and maintaining student interest are both ongoing challenges. To overcome them, tailoring lessons with interactive elements will be key in order to keep student interest alive; creating an inviting, supportive, and encouraging atmosphere can also help foster innovation and spur curiosity in learners.

How Explico′s Online Tuition Helps Children for Primary 3 Science?

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Explico′s science tuition for primary 3 provides an exciting, tailored approach to primary 3 science education. Our educators develop engaging lessons that break complex scientific concepts down into easily understandable modules. We offer primary 3 science worksheets, where children can practice mock exams more. Children receive individualized attention through interactive online lessons. They can address specific challenges while developing an in-depth knowledge of scientific principles. Integrating technology and real-time feedback allows for continuous improvement. Explico′s innovative blend of traditional teaching methods and online tools creates an engaging learning environment, equipping children not only with scientific knowledge but also sparking their natural curiosity for all that nature offers them. Explico will make your primary 3 science journey rewarding and enjoyable!

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  • What are the key topics covered in Primary 3 Science?

    Primary 3 science covers a range of topics including Diversity of Living & Non-Living Things, Diversity of Materials, Interaction in Magnets and The Human Digestive System.

  • How can I support my child′s learning in Primary 3 Science at home?

    Support your child by engaging in hands-on activities related to scientific concepts, incorporating nature walks and encouraging curiosity about the world around them.

  • Are there any recommended resources for additional Primary 3 Science practice?

    Utilize educational websites, use science experiment kits and introduce age-appropriate science books to provide additional practice and enhance understanding.

  • How does Primary 3 Science promote practical learning?

    Primary 3 science often involves hands-on experiments and observations, encouraging students to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios.