PSLE singapore or Primary School Leaving Examination is an annual national examination that everyone has to take up when they are in the final year of primary school education, the 1960s. The score is derived from the sum of subjects and this ranges between 4 and 32. Based on this score, the candidates will be placed in the secondary school. Here, the students will be tested in English Language, Mother Tongue, Maths, and Science. Students will have to answer multiple choice questions by shading their responses on the standardized OAS or Optical Answer Sheet. The answers will be evaluated using Optical Mark Recognition. In certain sections, the students might also write the work and/or answer the question booklet.

Importance of Primary PSLE Examination

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The PSLE exam determines if the student is eligible to be qualified for secondary education or not. The stream they can choose is also decided based on the score they secure in their PSLE exam. The PSLE exam is designed to accommodate the students with different skills and abilities. It also gives the parents where their children are in terms of academics. Their strengths and weaknesses can also be discovered.

Commonly, there is no bell curve or quotas ordained on the number of students who appear for the PSLE exam. This makes most students find PSLE standards manageable and the scores will be distributed towards the higher end, with almost 50% of the students achieving 75 or above. The PSLE exam results will offer crucial information about the education suitable for their kids. Parents can guide their children by making the right choice of secondary school education and choosing the right subjects.

PSLE Subjects


The PSLE or Primary School Leaving Examination in Singapore is a significant education milestone assessing the students in several subjects. The subjects in the PSLE examination include English, Mathematics, Science, and Mother Tongue languages like Malay, Tamil, Mandarin or others. It is a pivotal point in the student’s educational journey that influences the selection of secondary schools and education path.

PSLE English

In the PSLE examination, English is the fundamental component of assessing students′ proficiency in the language. The PSLE English paper aims to test the students in their reading, writing, and comprehension skills. The students have to answer multiple choice questions, open-ended questions, and composition writing to show their language proficiency.

PSLE Maths

It is crucial for children to have good problem-solving skills and the PSLE Math exam aims to test such mathematical abilities and problem-solving skills. The PSLE examination paper covers a range of mathematical concepts from arithmetic to more advanced topics. This also ensures the comprehensive online assessment of mathematical aptitude.

PSLE Science

PSLE Singapore Science students' scientific knowledge and problem-solving abilities at around 12 years old during primary six. Students taking this exam must apply what they've learned across a broad spectrum of scientific subjects to real-life situations. Thus making PSLE Science crucial in securing entrance into secondary education. To excel at PSLE Science exams in Singapore, those seeking success should study and practice regularly so they are prepared for these assessments with confidence when facing these examinations!

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PSLE Exam Preparation


Begin Early

One of the best pieces of advice to be successful in the PSLE exam is to start to prepare early. When the child is preparing early, they can have enough time and a strong foundation in all the subjects. So, they can identify and address the weaknesses to turn their positive aspects.

Have a Clear Study Plan

A study plan is something that will strongly help in organizing the PSLE exam preparation. It will include the time for reviewing the classwork, completing the homework, attending the mock exams, working with the previous year′s psle singapore question papers, etc.

Handle the Right Study Methods

There are different study methods and each one will be effective based on the ability of the students. So, encourage your children to experiment with various study methods, and here are some methods that might be suitable.

Active Recall: This is all about testing themselves on the materials they have learned. Things like flashcards, practice quizzes, or reaching the materials to someone else will be useful.

Spaced Repetition: This is all about reviewing the materials at regular intervals. By taking up this method, the students can keep the information fresh in their minds.

Mnemonics: There are lots of memory devices that are used to remember the information. For instance, a mnemonic is used to remember the order of the planets in the solar system. These can be considered as games and played among the students as well to remember them better.

Seek Help

Do you feel your child is struggling with any particular topic or subject? Try to ask some help from the teachers, tutor, and family members. Here, online tuition will be the best choice as it will be a one-to-one lesson where the professionals will understand the student’s abilities and difficulties and prepare a unique plan for the students.

Create a Positive Environment

It is crucial to have a positive learning environment for the children to study peacefully. So, ensure you are providing a quiet place to study, encourage, and support them with their unique requirements.

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  • What does PSLE stand for?

    PSLE or Primary School Leaving Certificate is the national examination in Singapore taken by the students at level 6 in primary school education. The marks scored here will help them to get a secondary school education.

  • Who should write a PSLE exam?

    All the students at level 6 in primary school, typically at the age of 12 will have to take up the PSLE exam. It is the critical assessment that determines the readiness for secondary education.

  • What is the full score in the PSLE Exam?

    The maximum score in the Primary School Leaving Certificate exam would be 300. This total is obtained by combining the scores in 4 subjects: English, Maths, Science, and Mother Language.

  • What is the cost of a PSLE online tuition center?

    The cost of the PSLE online tuition will be based on various factors like the subjects covered. This may range between a few hundred to a few thousand hundreds.

  • Is the PSLE exam necessary for children′s education in Singapore?

    Yes, the PSLE exam is highly necessary for students in Singapore as it is considered a fundamental assessment and is associated with secondary education as well.