Overview of the Education System in Singapore

A Primary, Elementary, Junior or Grade school in Singapore is where the children receive Primary or Elementary education. Here is where the students enter into Primary education after completing their preschool. It is here in Primary school that students obtain an education where they can prepare themselves for Secondary education. It is mandatory for children to get enrolled in Primary education from the ages 7 to 12 and they will be from Primary 1 to Primary 6. For International schools in Singapore, the Primary school enrolment depends on the type of curriculum.

Role of Primary School Education

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The aim of primary education in Singapore is to raise children’s consciousness and this will help to open the door of opportunity for self-development. Primary education is highly required for ongoing growth and development from the early years. This is the stage where the children start to interact with others, the basics of the social, cognitive, natural and cultural skills.

Primary education is the breeding ground for future leaders, intellectuals and inventors. The teachers at the Primary level face some difficulties in preparing young minds and using that information to construct instrumental tactics that will keep the students engaged in the curricular subjects. Primary school tutors are also accountable for delivering standardized learning to be successful with the defined educational requirements.

Being young learners, Primary education in Singapore is the period where children may be positively or negatively influenced. With so much importance and emphasis placed on a Primary education, this seeks to increase the child’s self-esteem and offers them the necessary skills for long-term success for the future in a competitive environment.

Singapore Primary School Curriculum

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In Singapore, Primary school education focuses on 3 major aspects: Learning, Knowledge skills and Character development for the children. The students will learn subjects such as English, Science, Math and the Mother Tongue Languages. Apart from these subjects, students will also learn Art, Music, Physical Education, Social Studies and Character & Citizenship education. Students will be offered a suitable subject combination for the Primary 5 and Primary 6 levels, based on the results they get in Primary 4. In Primary school, the students will sit for the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) and the marks secured here will be considered to get admitted into Secondary education. Thus, quality primary school tuition becomes necessary.

Why Should Students Attend Primary Education?


Emotional and Social Development

In Primary school, students will be exposed to group interactions which will help them to acquire a sense of respect for others. They can understand the differences between right and wrong, how to cooperate with others, the value of sharing, resolve conflicts, follow directions, and express their thoughts and ideas to others. Overall, these will help to develop themselves in both emotional and social aspects.

Instills Confidence

Early education paves the way for a safe, pleasant and healthy environment where children can develop a sense of self and learn about themselves by exploring new things outside their homes. As a result, they can be confident and become achievers in the future.

Improves Communication Skills

The basic schooling provided by a Primary education is responsible for the development of Speaking and Reading abilities. Generally, the children’s communication skills grow between the ages of 3 and 5. The syllabus is also designed accordingly to develop such skills. Sometimes, primary school tuition can help improve communication skills.

Interactive lessons with


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Modular lessons

Attend specific lesson that child is weak in

Time Based Learning

Flexible selection from our live and past lessons

Live Assessment

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Engaging lessons

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Singapore Education Facts

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Singapore′s Primary School curriculum ensures most subjects are taught in English while early on, students will also learn their Mother Tongue languages (Chinese speakers, Malay speakers, and Tamil speakers). This ensures students become fluent speakers of both. For further needs, primary school tuition can be more helpful.

The Secondary school curriculum is the same for all students regardless of their ages. Higher standard schools will expect students to achieve better academic results and perform more efficiently. Core subjects for Secondary education students include English, Mother-tongue languages, Mathematics and Science education as well as Literature, Art & Crafts, Design & Technology, History, Geography and Home Economics. Secondary students sit for the GCE O/N levels to determine post-secondary educational choices while GCE A levels will determine future plans in higher education.

Singapore divides its academic year into two semesters. The first typically runs from January to May and then concludes with a break in June, while the second starts in July and concludes in November, with December being a school holiday - students also enjoy a short break between each semester.

Explico′s Online Tuition for Primary School Education in Singapore

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  • How many years of Primary education in Singapore is necessary?

    It is mandatory to complete 6 years of primary education in Singapore.

  • Can foreigners study Primary education in Singapore?

    Yes, international students can seek admission to mainstream Primary schools.

  • Is Singapore the right destination for kids' primary education?

    Singapore is home to world-class schools at the entry level all the way to obtaining degrees. Here, students can access high-quality education, strengthening their foundation for their future careers.