How to manage the transition from PSLE to Secondary Math?/ What are the differences between Primary and Secondary Math?

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Answer: These are 5 key components useful for you to know for Secondary Math:
Use of Calculators
Math Exams in Secondary allows the use of scientific calculators, even if there are Paper 1 and Paper 2 (unlike Primary level where calculator can only be used in Paper 2.)
Appreciate the Real Number System and Negative numbers
Negative numbers is a basic concept that students need to grasp hold of when transiting to Secondary Math. The numbers behind zero, the effective of negative signs in an equation and the use of negative numbers is an essential stepping stone at this level.
Understand how to form Algebraic Equations and solving it
The bulk of Secondary Math problems are based on forming algebraic equations and solving for the unknowns. As students progress to next level, more variables and complex equations will be introduced. Hence, a strong foundation in algebra is important.

How does the secondary 2 streaming affect my child’s future?

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Answer: Regardless of how well your child does for the O-Levels, his or her future (education and career path) depends on the subjects you chose in Secondary 2. They may be scoring A1s for all their subjects but still not qualify for some courses.
Deciding on which subject combination to take in Upper Secondary is important as it can affect what you are eligible to take in Junior College and Polytechnicdue tosubject prerequisites.

Question: How should I prepare my child for the Secondary 2 streaming exercise? / How does secondary 2 streaming work? /What is streaming in secondary schools?

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Answer: The Secondary 2 Streaming Exercise occurs at the end of Secondary 2, after the students have received their end-of-year results. It is conducted in all secondary schools in Singapore. This Streaming Exercise determines the subjects that they will sit in for the O-Levels.
In this process, all Secondary 2 students have to choose their subject combinations for Upper Secondary. Students are given a chance to choose the subjects they would like to take for their O-Level and N-Level examinations. However, whether or not they get the subject combination of their choice will depend on their academic results relative to the whole cohort’s performance.


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When looking for online tuition, your child must know their strengths and weaknesses. How can the instructor help them improve if they don't know their strengths and weaknesses?


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Richard Wee
Richard Wee
Academic - English

Richard Wee is an experienced tutor of over 20 years, specializing in coaching English and Mathematics to Primary and Secondary school students. Richard holds a Bachelors in Communication Studies from Nanyang Technological University. His students range from those with special needs with learning disabilities, underachievers who lack motivation to high achievers who love challenges. Richard can relate to his students and motivate them to reach their potential through his years of experience of mentoring students.

Teacher Jonathan
Teacher Jonathan
Academic - Mathematics

Teacher Jonathan has more than 10 years of tutoring experience and is also a relief teacher in Singapore MOE primary and secondary schools. He has tutored students with various conditions such as ADHD and he is able to help them do better in their understanding of the topics and concepts. This is due to his patience and experience handling students' needs and understanding their learning characters.

Teacher Parvin
Teacher Parvin
Academic - Science

Teacher Parvin is a MOE registered tutor who has been teaching local Primary and Secondary students since 2006. A qualified Engineering graduate with both local and international teaching experience, she has worked as a relief teacher at a secondary school and is also currently a tutor in CDAC and SINDA. She is passionate in teaching and believes in conceptual teaching and not blind memorization. Her students have been placed successfully in reputable institutions and the feedback has been always positive that the students had been doing very well in their tertiary levels due to a strong foundation in their studies.


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