PSLE Science Tuition

When it comes to the Primary Science exams, students must clearly understand the applications of the Science concepts they learn in primary education. Explico's PSLE science tuition focuses more on improving the conceptual understanding of scientific principles. We work with various resources and analyze students’ strengths and weaknesses to help them build a solid foundation.
Our in-house materials are specifically curated by our expert teachers on various science topics, all closely-aligned with the MOE syllabus. Our materials help students understand the core concepts and provide an opportunity for them to develop efficiency and tackle the Science exam with ease.

What We Focus On PSLE Science Tuition Online?


Simplify the Learning Curves

Through our PSLE science tuition, students will be provided with constant online guidance from expert tutors during our live sessions. They will also get valuable resources to prepare effectively, saving on revision time and strengthening core concepts. Further, our tutors will also guide them in clearing their doubts on challenging areas. This will help them achieve better results within a few months of training in Singapore.

Help Students With Specific Needs

PSLE or the Primary School Leaving Examinations are very important for students' lives as it decides their secondary education. Every student is unique, and educational needs, different. Our expert tutors understand the needs of the students and will guide them accordingly. The online assignments and tests are marked regularly, and training will be provided by assessing the areas which require improvement.

Scoring High in the Achievement Level (AL)

The newly designed Achievement Level or AL represents results more broadly. This means that the number of students in each band decreases when the AL band increases. Thus, reaching a higher band is getting more difficult, and only a few students will be able to achieve a better AL score. Our good psle science tuition will help students become confident in facing the questions and scoring high in the PSLE Science papers. Achieving a better AL score will help students have a lower cut-off and a higher chance of getting into a desired secondary school in Singapore.

Importance of PSLE Science Tuition


Regular Revisions

Students commence the Science subject in Primary 3. PSLE Science includes topics from Primary 3 to Primary 6. As such, when they reach the PSLE Science exam, they might not remember all the concepts that they have learnt in the previous years. Studies have shown that prospective memory - the ability to remember to carry out future intentions, is still developing at the primary level. Therefore, to overcome this issue, in psle science tuition singapore, our tutors will go through previously taught topics and concepts to jog the students' memory and reinforce these concepts in long-term memory.

Specific Tips

It is not enough to have only the right knowledge to be successful in the Science exam. Students should also possess skills and competencies required to tackle the questions. Almost half of the questions are open-ended questions, and students must write explanations for various Science phenomena. They cannot choose the numbers randomly as they do in the Multiple Choice section. As such, Explico’s tutors train students in formulating explanations with key concepts which PSLE markers look out for.

Desired Secondary Education

A good PSLE science score will help students to continue with their desired Secondary education. With a higher AL score, they will have a lower cut-off point, therefore they can be ahead of the competition. As per the data, the Ministry of Education Or MOE at Government and Government Aided schools have the following cut-off point range.

  1. 7 to 9 points for Express (Integrated Programme)
  2. 8 to 22 points for the Express (O-Level) courses
  3. 22 to 25 points for the Normal (Academic) courses
  4. 26 to 30 points for the Normal (Technical) courses

In the case of autonomous schools, the indicative cut-off point ranges for the integrated program and academic courses are the same as those of government and government-aided schools. The range of O-level courses will be AL 8 to 16, whereas the Technical course will require AL 26 to 29 points.

For independent schools, the indicative cut-off range is between AL 6 to 8 points for Integrated programs and AL 8 to 10 points for O-Level programs.

How Explico's PSLE Science Tuition can Help students to Score High in the Science Exam


Are you wondering what our good science tuition centre for primary entails for your children? For starters, reduce the time needed to travel as our online science tuition will help students learn in the comfort of their home. They can review the key science concepts through our engaging live sessions. With our strategic approach, students can spot the must-learn concepts. They can excel with our unique learning approach.

Through a good science tuition centre, students can experience live quizzes to test their understanding of the different concepts for the primary exam. They can work on strengthening weaker topics and brush up on weak areas that require improvement. This will help them to achieve a high score. Practice makes perfect, and we help them practice with Top School Exam Papers, targeted questions specially picked by our expert tutors and through regular homework assigned to our students. We will also assist students with regular evaluations in live classes as well as through our specially-curated in-house tests.

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Since our inception, Explico has a record of training students for the PSLE Science exam through online tuition. So, what are you still waiting for? Visit us now and enroll for the online science tuition at Explico! Our highly-trained tutors are here to take care of your child and train them for the upcoming PSLE Science exam and help them score high.

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  • What is your aim for the PSLE science tuition?

    In our science tuition for primary 6, we aim to strengthen the foundational scientific knowledge of students. We help to enhance their inquiry-based skills and prepare them for their exams by closely aligning to the MOE syllabus in Singapore.

  • Will you provide the materials and resources?

    Yes, we will provide the materials and resources designed by our expert tutors online. Students will have access to customized worksheets, notes, practice papers and e-assessments.

  • Why should I take up science tuition?

    Science tuition can benefit students as it offers a structured and targeted approach to the learning of the Science subject. With our strategies, your child can get personalized learning experiences as we guide them in understanding their strengths and weaknesses.