Primary 2 Maths - Overview

Primary 2 Math provides a solid foundation for students aged 7-8 years, covering basic concepts such as Addition, Subtraction and Multiplication. Building on what was learnt in Primary 1, students are now able to solve more complex problems such as understanding patterns, basic geometry and measurements. Through fun activities and games, this level of Math introduces children to the world of numbers while cultivating analytical thinking abilities, problem-solving capabilities and an appreciation of Mathematics.

List of Modules in Primary 2 Maths


Module 1

Module 1 in Primary 2 Math Singapore covers the topic on Whole Numbers. Several concepts like Numbers within 1000, Adding numbers within 1000, Subtracting numbers within 1000, Word problems involving Addition and Subtraction as well as Multiplication and Division by 2,5 and 10 will be covered.

Module 2

Module 2 covers topics like Whole numbers and Measurements. Under Whole Numbers, concepts like Multiplication and Division by 3 and 4 as well as Word Problems involving Multiplication and Division will be covered. The topic on Measurements will cover concepts such as Length, Addition and Subtraction of Lengths and Problem sums involving Multiplication and Division of Lengths will be covered.

Module 3

Module 3 in primary 2 math singapore covers topics like Whole numbers and Measurements. The topic on Whole Numbers covers 2-step problems sums on Addition and Subtraction. The topics on Measurements cover concepts like Mass, Adding and Subtracting mass, Multiplication and Division of Mass as well as Problem sums involving Mass and Money.

Module 4

Module 4 covers topics like 2D and 3D shapes, Fractions, Measurements, Graphs and Volume. The topic of 2D and 3D shapes covers concepts on 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional figures. The topic of fractions covers concepts like the basics of fractions, including addition and subtraction of Fractions. The topic on Measurements covers the concept of time-related problems. The topic on Graphs covers the concepts of picture graphs. The topic on Volume covers the concepts of Volume of liquids.

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How to Learn Primary 2 Math with Ease?


An effective approach for learning Primary 2 Math quickly is through structured and engaging lessons. Start by grasping basic concepts like Addition, Subtraction and Multiplication before turning your attention to fun educational resources like colorful primary 2 maths worksheets and online games that make learning enjoyable. It is essential that children practice Mathematics everyday - for instance by measuring ingredients or counting items - as this will encourage everyday applications of this subject matter. Get help from parents and teachers as each child will progress at his or her own pace; creativity combined with regular practice in a supportive atmosphere will enable young learners to thrive when learning Primary 2 Math!

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Explico offers primary 2 math online tutoring which helps children develop an engaging and interactive experience while learning Mathematics. Their team of educators provides tailored lessons to suit each child′s individual needs, with virtual classrooms, engaging resources, basic arithmetic lessons, and regular assessments of progress, ensuring students stay on track. This creates fun and relatable Math learning experience through regular online assessment and tracking progress; online learning allows access to high-quality Math education at their convenience, laying a strong foundation for success in primary 2 and beyond.

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  • What topics are covered in Primary 2 Math?

    Primary 2 math covers an expansive array of topics - Addition and Subtraction to Multiplication and Division, Fractions, Measurements (Length, Mass and Volume, Time & Money), Shapes & Patterns and Picture Graphs are also addressed in this Primary level.

  • How can I help my child with Primary 2 Math at home?

    Make use of educational apps and games to reinforce concepts and help your child build basic Math skills. Real-world examples, like measuring ingredients while baking or counting household objects can also be utilized as teaching aids.

  • What is the importance of learning Multiplication and Division in Primary 2?

    Multiplication and Division form the cornerstones of advanced Math skills, providing essential practice for Problem-solving strategies and grasping higher-grade concepts in Mathematics.

  • How does Explico′s primary 2 math online tuition benefit my child?

    Explico offers online tutoring through personalized lessons, interactive courses and engaging materials to ensure that your child receives all of the attention they need and grasps basic concepts easily. Explico′s flexible platform makes learning at home convenient.

  • What is the significance of learning Shapes and Patterns in Primary 2 Math?

    Recognizing Patterns and Shapes strengthens spatial awareness, provides the basis for learning Geometry, develops critical thinking skills and allows students to identify and predict sequences. Getting into math tuition for primary 2 can simplify their learning process.