What is the marking for primary school?

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AL Score 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Mark Range ≥ 90 85-89 80-84 75-79 65-74 45-64 20-44 < 20
  • High
  • Medium
  • Low


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Access Duration: 4 months up to PSLE Exam.
PSLE exams are nearing, and it is important to measure and understand your learning needs to prepare effectively before the exam.
Explico’s unique AI-based assessments help in IDENTIFYING students’ academic strengths and weaknesses based on the topic and going further into each concept. This allows the child to FOCUS and use their limited time more effectively.


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Regular AI-based Online Assessments
  • AI-based assessments are crafted based on your past answers using AI.
  • Assessments by topics – specially crafted for those who wish to do topic-focused assessments. Great for practice, revisions, and exploring the various style of questions for every topic.
Live Online Sessions
  • Join peers every week in the topic-based online live sessions for English, Maths, and Science. Exam topics are covered during the sessions, including revision of past year papers, past year PSLE questions, and PLSE workshops during weekends.
  • Watch all recorded past sessions for self-study and revision.
Private Online 1-1 Session
  • Includes 12 sessions of private online 1-1 sessions with a tutor of choice for 60 minutes for each session.
  • Useful for doubt clearing, clarifications, or to work on specific topics.
Participation in various PSLE Preparation Online Workshops
  • Studying tips of Top Students / DSA Interviews Preparation.
  • Mental Readiness for exam / School Selection Criteria and Guidelines.
PSLE format Online Mock Exam FULL PAPERS
  • Fully marked PSLE format online mock paper for each subject for English, Maths and Science.
  • Includes private online 1-1 session with tutors of choice for 30 minutes for every subject to go through the mock paper for doubt clearing or any questions and clarifications.
  • More info here https://www.explico.sg/psle-mock-exam
Total value of package = $1,888

Special price for PSLE 2022 parents = $988

(For a special parent price of $988 + wellness free gift)
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When looking for online tuition, your child must know their strengths and weaknesses. How can the instructor help them improve if they don't know their strengths and weaknesses?


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are designed specifically to cater to your child needs, parents can pick and choose from our various live and offline session
  • Upcoming
  • Recorded


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Eva Rene Jay
Eva Rene Jay
Academic - English

Eva Rene Jay holds B.A. Communication and Class Valedictorian (University at Buffalo, The State University of New York, 2006-2009), Diploma in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) (London Teacher Training College, 2010 - 2011), Diploma in Education (National Institute of Education, 2005). She has worked at several international and local schools in Singapore, Workforce Singapore, British Council, and English educational institutions in the Middle-East and has over 16 years of English teaching experience. She is a passionate teacher who strongly believes in every single student under her care. Eva is a constant advocate of the precious nature of time, and she ensures that no time is wasted with her. She goes above and beyond for her students. A firm, yet kind teacher, Eva always delivers her promise of ensuring the best for her students.

AmQue Goh
AmQue Goh
Academic - Mathematics

AmQue Goh graduated from the National University of Singapore with a Bachelor's Degree of Science, majoring in Statistics. She scored straight As for Maths since Primary School, and all the way to University. She has more than 7 years of experience tutoring Maths, with measurable results in her students. She does this with the strong belief that it is the teacher's job to make concepts come to life, clarify any doubts a student may have, and be patient in answering every question.

Tina Tan
Tina Tan
Academic - Science

Tina Tan has more than 18 years of tutoring students in Singapore and holds a Bachelors in Business Communications from Monash University. She believes that Science is a practical subject that can be applied to our day to day life. She cultivates an interest in science by sharing practical examples and encouraging her students to discuss concepts which can be applied to their studies and ultimately helps them to excel in their science paper.


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Total value of package = $1,888

Special price for PSLE 2022 parents = $988

(For a special parent price of $988 + wellness free gift)
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Explico has helped fill in the gaps in my understanding to maintain A1 for Maths, English and Science. Their reports are good, pricing affordable and quality of tutors are excellent!

Parent: Anshu J.
Child: Rikhin(P6 - 2021)

Teachers are patient and willing to explain everything, the assessments are good with proper in-depth analytics. The customer service and pricing are very much in line and affordable.

Parent: Leng C.
Child: Raylen A(P6 - 2021)

Be it assessments, reports, or modular sessions, Explico has a more structured learning process. Sessions are modular that helps us to compared to other platforms where you must buy the entire package.

Parent: Lim WC
Child: Bernard T(P6 - 2021)