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Explico is an online based assessment and learning platform using AI and Machine Learning that helps students to identify their academic strengths and weaknesses. Explico is able to measure students’ learning outcomes based on subject, topic, concepts and sub concepts.

Explico conducts regular live sessions conducted by experienced teachers with decades of experience. Explico also has over 1000 pre-recorded sessions on various topics and subtopics.

Explico was founded and is constantly being developed by a team with more than 30 years of collective experience in education, schools and a variety of academic institutions.

How Explico Assessment works

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Explico’s AI and Machine Learning generates assessments based on every student's previous performance.
Each question is tagged by
  • Subject
  • Topic
  • Sub-topic
  • Concept
In addition, the following parameters are dynamically generated based on student performance
  • Discrimination Index
  • Difficulty Index
  • Pseudo-Guessing
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Students can identify their strengths and weaknesses in each subject, topic, and even concept.
Explico benchmarks students against local and international students’ overall standards
It also measures students' performance month on month.
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Post assessment and analysis, Explico recommends sessions based on student needs.
Weekly live sessions with qualified and experienced tutors
Bonus differentiator - Live sessions come with live assessments!
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Monthly progress on each subject
Check progress based on sub-topic and concepts
Students can also take topical assessments for weaker subjects
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Our Parameters


We aspire to introduce and implement the most robust assessment based educational system in Singapore. Our sessions would benefit every student by focusing on their specific key weaknesses, which are identified by our AI based system. Students will also be able to reinforce their key strengths. Transparency and flexibility are two of our pillars, as we aim to help students improve in time for their examinations.


Merely assessing students’ weaknesses is inadequate. A proper mechanism must be adopted to review those weaknesses, improve on them and eventually eliminate them. Our sessions are customized to suit the needs of individual students. Their weaknesses are addressed in our sessions conducted by expert teachers. Hence, we cover the most vital part of education; filling the voids, clearing the doubts and providing a platform to achieve excellence for our students.


As we collaborate with various institutes in Singapore and internationally, our students are given this rare opportunity to access worldwide education to polish their skills at an early age. We offer regular online classes/events, challenging sessions and assessments, formative student analysis, and insightful institution analysis with the vision of shifting traditional learning towards a more blended learning educational platform.