Internet Safety

How To Maintain Optimal Screen Time When Studying

As online learning becomes more popular, so does the need for screens. However, although screen time is an essential aspect of online education, 71% of parents are concerned about the effects of screen time. Studies have shown the physical and health effects of excessive screen time, including increased blood pressure and obesity in kids from […]

The Future of Online Learning: How Parents Can Prepare for 2022

As e-learning progresses, we need to be on the lookout for new trends in education and prepare for them in time. This article will discuss what 2022 holds for online learning and how you can make plans for them.

Internet Safety for Kids | How to Keep Your Children Safe Online.

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a new fear for Singaporean parents. In a recent survey by Google, 62% of them expressed increased worry about online safety. Their top concerns included protecting children’s privacy and security online and spotting scams or preventing children from oversharing personal information on the Internet. However, with more time spent on screens comes an increased need to protect them from cyber dangers lurking anonymously online.

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