Positive Parenting – Benefits & Strategies for Raising a Happy Child | Explico.sg

Being a parent is one of the most challenging yet fulfilling roles one can have in life. The way you choose to parent your child will have a significant impact on their emotional, social, and mental development. Positive parenting, also known as authoritative parenting, is a proven approach that emphasizes mutual respect, active listening, and […]

Helping Your Child Relax and Destress After the PSLE – Explico.sg

Are you relieved that your child has finished the PSLE?  Well, your child might be feeling a whole different set of emotions. The PSLE is a demanding exam that can cause stress and anxiety as it determines their academic future. After months of hard work, it’s crucial to help your child unwind and destress. In […]

The Importance of Mental Health for Children in Singapore | Explico.sg

This blog post by Explico.sg examines the importance of mental health for children in Singapore, and looks at ways to support our children’s emotional and psychological well-being. Educate yourself on the importance of mental health for your child today!

A Guide to the Latest Trends in Education Technology for Parents | Explico.sg

Learn about the latest tools and resources available to your children with this guide to education technology. We’ll cover topics such as virtual reality simulations, AI-powered personalized learning plans, and more! Get equipped today so that your children can thrive in a constantly evolving world.

Explaining the Unexplained: A Guide to Understanding Complex Topics | Explico.sg

As parents, it is natural to desire academic excellence for our children. We want them to possess curiosity, ask thought-provoking questions, and grasp various concepts. However, the subjects taught in schools can occasionally be intricate and challenging to comprehend. This becomes even more daunting if we, as parents, lack sufficient understanding of these concepts, making […]

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