The Future of Online Learning: How Parents Can Prepare for 2022


While we all know that change is constant, no one anticipated the quantum shifts that Covid-19 brought. With the development of technology in previous times, stakeholders foresaw e-learning taking over traditional learning systems in the far future. However, with the onset of the pandemic, the future came early.

The pandemic created new realities and mandated every industry in our economy to adapt to them. These changes were most glaring in the educational sector, where we had to make quick and complete transitions to online learning. According to a CNN report, the pandemic forced 90% of children worldwide into eLearning. Now, this new system of education has come to say.

As a parent, you must do everything for your kids to adapt to this swift transition. As e-learning progresses, you need to be on the lookout for new trends in education and prepare for them in time. This article will discuss what 2022 holds for online learning and how you can make plans for them. This will ensure a pleasurable learning experience for your children and prevent you from being caught off guard.

Essential Online Learning and EdTech Trends for 2022

Here’s what to expect in the online learning world in 2022:

● Personalized Online Learning

Online learning in 2022 will focus more on giving children more control over their education. Involving students in their educational process stimulates their enthusiasm for learning. Personalized e-learning will help children learn at their own pace and tailor their experience to suit specific needs.

● Learning Analytics

Learning analytics involves analyzing data to improve the child’s learning experience. In 2022, we’ll see more e-learning tools and platforms prioritizing this advantage. Replacing the old systems of measuring learning through attendance and course completion, learning analytics will use interaction, engagement, retention, etc.

● Immersive Learning/ Virtual Reality

2022 will bring more immersive learning. Here, e-learning platforms will use virtual reality to create an artificial environment for learning. Immersive learning will make the e-learning experience more entertaining for your kids. It also boosts their creativity, retention, and problem-solving skills.

● Gamification

Gamification means introducing game mechanics into the e-learning environment. There are many reasons why increased gamification in online learning is a laudable development in 2022.

Gamification puts the learner as the central focus ahead of the educational content. It also keeps them motivated and aids the personalization of the learning experience.

● Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence will continue to be the focal point of virtual learning in 2022. It tries to emulate the traditional teacher/student relationship by answering questions in real-time. It also aids personalized learning, content generation and makes e-learning more accessible.

● Collaborative Learning

Collaborative learning in 2022 will allow your kids to interact with their instructors and other learners. Participants will facilitate this process through message boards, live chats, and instant messaging platforms. Collaborative virtual learning helps children to learn from each other.

● Hybrid Learning 

Hybrid and blended learning combines the best of e-learning and traditional learning for a wholesome educational experience. This method of virtual learning will continue in 2022.

Blended learning helps your kids to access online materials while also enjoying the benefits of physical education.

● Virtual Parents’ Evenings

Thanks to technology, parents’ evenings will not become a thing of the past in 2022. Fully virtual or blended parents’ evenings will help you and other parents share experiences and expectations regarding your child’s learning. Online parent’s evenings are convenient and efficient.

● Increased E-Learning Platforms

With the demand for improved e-learning platforms and the industry boom, there’ll be an increase in advanced e-Learning platforms. This will allow you to choose the best-suited ones out of a myriad of options.

Top Ways to Prepare Your Kids for Virtual Learning in 2022

If you want to prepare adequately for your child’s eLearning in 2022, here’s how:

● Review the Previous Year’s Progress

The best approach to preparing for e-learning in 2022 is to pause and reflect on the mistakes and progress of 2021. Every parent and child’s experience is different, so analyzing last year’s progress helps provide personalized solutions to the identified problems.

Don’t leave your kids out of this process; ask them about what helped them learn best last year and allow them to talk about their expectations for 2022. This helps you prepare the best approaches for the year and boost your kids’ excitement for the coming learning phase.

● Discourage Social Isolation

Online learning should never take the place of social interaction with other kids. Children need to socialize with their agemates to develop properly. To create opportunities for social interactions with their peers and teachers.

● Avoid Distractions

Online learning can be tricky for children, and they may find it challenging to adapt to this reality. That’s because many of them are used to seeing internet devices as fun tools. So, it’s important to help them focus on their learning by eliminating distractions.

You can do this by turning off notifications and limiting access to enticing apps. You can also create a designated workspace for your kids to help them realize how serious their e-learning is.

● Measure Learning

Ensure that your child doesn’t lag by developing methods to measure their progress. You can do this by introducing traditional classroom norms to remind them to take their learning seriously. Let them take tests and exams. Give them assignments too.

● Encourage Breaks

Time runs fast with e-learning, so it’s easy to forget to take scheduled breaks. However, breaks are essential in learning. So prepare for the new learning session by setting timers to remind you of break periods as schools will do.


Now that you know how to prepare your kids for e-learning in 2022, it’s time to put in the work. First, ensure that you develop the right approach for your child’s peculiar needs. However, regardless of the preparation methods you employ, the most important thing is that your kids are getting the best out of them.

At Explico, we’re interested in having your children enjoy the best online learning experience even in these times. That’s why we’re continuously developing useful tools to add value to their virtual education processes.

The Future of Online Learning: How Parents Can Prepare for 2022
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