Time Management: 5 Ways to Ensure Your Child Spends Their Time Well


For parents, it can be challenging to fit numerous activities into 24 hours every day. As we go through life, it’s important to understand that the only way to achieve maximum productivity daily is through time management. Over time, we’ve learned to prioritize activities, focus on what’s important, and let go of distractions. How about we teach our children the same thing?

It’s easy to think that children are too young to learn “adult responsibilities” like time management. That’s where you’re wrong. Even though adults may appreciate the importance of time management better, children should also learn to use their time wisely. It’s one of the traits that make an outstanding kid.

With the onset of the pandemic and eLearning, your children are now spending more hours at home than usual. They may also be finding it difficult to cope with completing home and school tasks simultaneously. So here’s your golden opportunity to teach them how they can achieve a lot in a short time.

Are you confused about how to start? Don’t worry, we’ll do this together.

Five Essential Benefits of Time Management for Kids

Time management skills will benefit your kids in many ways. Here are some of them:

● Time-Efficiency

Time management teaches your kids that time is one of the essential everyday resources; as such, it helps them not to waste it doing irrelevant activities.

With proper time management skills, your children will learn how to work faster and more efficiently. Time management makes your children smart.

●  Provides a Sense of Achievement

Do you remember how fulfilled you feel when you’ve got all your tasks done right on schedule? That’s how your kids will also feel when they manage their time properly. This is good for their overall mental and emotional health.

●  Time Management Helps Children Learn Responsibility and Self-Control

Nothing spells responsibility better than proper time management. You don’t want your child to grow up as an adult with no value for time.

Time management teaches your kids the importance of delayed gratification. In addition, it will help them to avoid common vices like procrastination.

● Enhances Effective Learning

Online learning is now a norm in today’s world. Away from the school setting, your kids may find it difficult to discipline themselves to study with domestic distractions. Time management skills make it easy for them to focus on their schoolwork and avoid distractions. Studies show that 87% of students will achieve better grades with improved time management skills.

●  It’s a Life Skill

The real-world needs a lot of time management skills in numerous areas. Learning time management means learning a skill that will serve them for life.

How Can I Improve My Child’s Time Management Skills?

Here’s what you can do to improve your kids’ time management skills:

●  Teach Them to Tell the Time

First things first, can your children tell the time? Now is the best time to start teaching them if they can’t. Measuring time always comes before managing it.

Teach them what makes a minute and an hour. There are numerous ways to teach children of various ages to tell the time — research the most appropriate step for your child.

●  Talk About the Importance of Time Management

It’d be nice if your kids understood the importance of time management. That way, they’ll pick interest in managing their time instead of just following your others for the sake of it. Let them know that the communication lines are always open should they need anything.

●  Start as Early as Possible

Time management is a life skill that’s best learned early. That way, it becomes a habit that they keep on developing. It’s much easier for little children to start understanding time management than for older ones approaching their teenage years. It’s easier to help them develop the skills now than shake off old habits as they grow older.

●  Define Priorities

Children should understand that not everything is necessary to do. For the essential ones, one activity must come before the others. Teach them two to determine an order of importance.

Also, let them know that it’s better to always start with the most difficult and urgent tasks. Your children should learn to start tasks on time to avoid last-minute rushing. They should learn that more than just completing a task in time, efficient time management means doing the task well.

●  Create a Family Calendar

Create a personalized family calendar for your children by scheduling their daily tasks. This is another way to teach them dates and times. A schedule drafted early on prepares your kids mentally for all tasks they have to accomplish.

Teach them how to decide what time to allocate to various tasks and let them tick their checklists upon completion. When they see how well they’re making progress per time, it encourages them to put in more effort.

●  Give Your Kids Adequate Breaks

Don’t overwhelm your kids with overly tight schedules with no breaks. The human body is designed to rest, and part of time management is learning to avoid stress. So, schedule regular intervals for them to relax after completing specific tasks. This helps to avoid depleting their energy levels.

Introduce Games and Other Fun Activities

Children love to play and have fun. They also learn fast through games. You can leverage their playtime by providing games that teach about time management.

Track and Reflect

Allow time to reflect on strategies and track your child’s progress. Different time management strategies work for varying situations. If you’re not making adequate progress, don’t beat yourself up. It only means that you should consider new strategies.

●  Give Rewards

Let your kids know that there are rewards for discipline and good behavior. Give them prizes when they complete tasks in time. This makes them excited and motivates them to make progress.


There’s no greater joy for parents than seeing our kids grow up to become responsible adults. However, it all begins with the habits we are willing to teach in them right now.

Time management is one of the essential values that every child must learn. By following the tested and trusted tips in this article, you’re turning your kids into confident and accomplished humans.

Time Management: 5 Ways to Ensure Your Child Spends Their Time Well
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