Importance of Family building a right environment for Child’s Learning Journey

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The spread of the Omicron variant is increasingly making physical learning unsafe for students, which is why schools are embracing digital learning to help students shift from in-person to learning from home through e-learning platforms.

If you are a parent or a family member trying to navigate how to provide the best support to your loved ones to learn effectively from home, you are in the right place.

This article will explain the different ways you can aid your child or ward home-learning experience.

Let’s get into it.

Top 6 ways to support your child’s learning journey

Supporting your child or ward to learn in the best way possible from home is how you facilitate their learning and retention to achieve expected outcomes. Follow these six effective tips to make it happen:

1.   Enable honest and open conversations

Support your child or ward by simply encouraging an open and non-judgemental communication system. Ask them questions about their challenges with their virtual classes or e-learning materials. Also, ask them about the areas they need help and act on their feedback.

This goes a long way to show you care about them and their academic progress.

Rather than assume they are having a smooth learning experience at home, asking specific questions reveals how much help they need and how you can aid them to help troubleshoot the issues they have on their online learning journey.

2.    Supply them with what they need

You may think your child or ward needs less while learning from home, but you may be surprised to discover they need more than you expected. Therefore, it’s critical to ask them what they need at each step of their journey and supply them accordingly.

This could range from a new laptop to e-learning materials or detailed explanations of a topic.

Your ability to meet their needs at every step of the way shows how much you value their education and how willing you are to help them succeed. It will also improve their journey because they will have all the tools they need to learn successfully.

3.    Create a pleasant study environment

Aid your child or ward’s home learning journey by creating a positive environment for them.

You can do this by getting rid of distractions from their study environment or preventing all forms of distractions during their study time.

Additionally, ensure their learning area is conducive by creating enough space and ensuring it’s adequately ventilated to aid comfort and convenience when they study.

4.   Study together

Create time out of your schedule to study with your child or ward. While studying with them, you will discover their interests and strengths. You will also identify the areas they have challenges with and know where to help them.

Other than these, studying with your child or ward can sustain their interest and prolong their study time.

Therefore, when selecting your kids’ virtual timetable, consider creating or choosing a schedule that fits into your plans and lifestyle. This way, you can be available whenever they want to learn and study with them.

  1. Oversee their activity

Monitor your child or ward activities to keep track of their progress. Set aside sometime every day to look over the number of virtual classes they attended and ascertain if they completed assignments

You can also assign other family members to help you keep track of your children’s online learning activities. 

For example, you can create a list and timetable of the family members to help your child join virtual classes and complete their assignments. This way, you can be sure your kids receive adequate support for their e-learning journey at all times.

6.   Maintain a  healthy parent-teacher relationship

Create a positive communication system between you and your kid’s virtual tutor. Reach out to them for feedback on your child’s performance and attitude towards learning.

This will enable you to have the teacher’s perspective on your kid’s behavior and performance to know how well your child or ward is really doing. The teacher will also be able to give suggestions and recommendations on how they can improve to achieve a better outcome with their online learning program.

How do you know if your child needs better support with learning?

It’s quite daunting to tell if your child or ward is getting adequate support while learning from home.

However, there are specific factors you can look out for to ensure your child is getting the support they need. Let’s discuss them below:

1.    They show a lack of interest

If your kid isn’t receiving adequate support and motivation, they will likely show less interest in their studies.

They will feel that you don’t value or care about their performance, so they are not motivated to work hard for good grades.

The way to prevent this is to show that you care. Try to be present regularly for their virtual classes. Help them out with assignments and supply them with materials that can enhance their learning experience.

2.    They are lagging behind

If your child or ward performance is unsatisfactory, it’s probably because they aren’t receiving the right amount of support they need.

Your kids are likely to do better with their online learning journey with adequate encouragement. This is because support spurs motivation, which incites them to do better.

Supporting your kid also means you will be monitoring their performance to enable them to work harder to see better results.

3.    Negative remarks from the tutor

If your child’s virtual teacher provides negative feedback concerning your child’s behavior towards class participation, assignments, or other aspects of learning, then it may be because they aren’t receiving enough support from you.

Discuss with your child to figure out the reasons for the negative feedback and look for ways to help them solve their challenges.

Additionally, create time to study with your kids, evaluate their attendance, and review their assignments or other tasks assigned by their virtual trainer.

By doing this, you will improve your kid’s attitude and allow them to perform better with school work.


Providing adequate support for your child or ward while learning from home will facilitate their learning and enable them to achieve the best results. The world has changed in so many ways since the beginning of the pandemic. To stay ahead of these changes and help your child learn, you need to adapt and find out how you can help.

In this article, we discussed the best six ways to support your child as they learn from home. Use these tips to enhance your kid’s home-learning performance.

Importance of Family building a right environment for Child’s Learning Journey
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