How to manage PSLE stress?


We know that PSLE exams can be stressful and students ranked high and low always feel that they are one step away from failure. PSLE is a strenuous test for students because it determines the schools they can go to.

 You can also help your child to reduce their exam stress, here is how:

As exam season looms closer, many students find themselves increasingly anxious and stressed. As a parent or teacher, we should make children understand the root of their anxiety and learn how to overcome it with healthy coping skills, like meditation or deep breathing exercises. Fear not, though, for there are several ways you can reduce the stress that comes with PSLE preparations. Here’s how:

1. Talk to your child

You know your child best, so don’t be afraid to ask the school or teacher for clarification. Make sure you’re on the same page regarding revision expectations. Monitor their work and help them with difficulties if needed, but don’t take over for your child when things are going well!

2. Effective revision

Your child has learned a lot this year, and it is now time to review these concepts. It can be overwhelming if you try to do all the revisions in one go- so make sure that there are easy topics mixed with difficult ones throughout their timetable, so they maintain some enthusiasm for learning! The mock exam could be another way to revise and identify weaknesses so that kids can focus on those topics. Finally, celebrate each milestone as progress toward achieving your goals together!

3. Parental expectations

Parental expectations lead to kids fearing that they will disappoint their parents if they do not perform well. Parents must be conscious of their child’s abilities and set reasonable goals which are achievable for the best results! Reassure them that you’re there with your love, through thick and thin.

4 . Health is wealth

Children under stress can experience lethargy and loss of concentration. Make sure your child has a well-balanced diet, is well-hydrated, gets enough sleep every night, and spends time relaxing with their family to boost energy levels so they can concentrate on revisions more effectively.

5 . Relax, PSLE is not everything

Many factors contribute to a successful career, and just because someone has an excellent score in one area doesn’t mean they’ll be great at everything else! Children who feel confident about themselves usually perform better than those who doubt their abilities. Try not to undermine or underestimate them in any way. Instead, encourage them by saying how hard they’ve tried and what they could continue working on towards next year’s PSLE.

On PSLE, you want to do well on each subject, but you shouldn’t be so stressed out that it’s difficult to focus! PSLE is extremely important, and taking time off the revision schedule for some fun and relaxation will help your child stay focused.

Don’t look at PSLE as a ‘do or die’ situation- Singapore has excellent schools with a well-planned education system that will provide plenty of opportunities for late bloomers in the future!

How to manage PSLE stress?
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