How does mock help to prepare before PSLE?


Students are limited to the number of hours they can spend in a classroom, and it is difficult for them to find time outside of their busy schedules. MOCK EXAM allows students to take these tests from the comfort of their own home at any given time during the day/night, depending on their convenience, which makes it easy for them to study according to their schedule. It also allows parents a unique opportunity to check how much progress the child has made while studying.

Mock exams do not always give us the same result as our real PSLE does. BUT it is still important to take mocks and assess a child’s performance on them because they help us improve on our weaknesses while learning time management skills that will come in handy during the actual exam day.

There are several advantages of trying a mock exam even before real PSLE Exam:

1. Track your child progress

MOCK EXAM will not be as fun and exciting to students if they do not know where they stand in their studies. Mock assessments are extremely important because they help the student determine which subject areas need more work, thus improving their performance for the actual PSLE. They also allow parents to keep an eye on how well their child is at different subjects enable them to track their progress with instant or teacher answer evaluations.

2. Get an idea of what to expect on ‘PSLE-Day’.

Students can expect a lot on the actual day of their PSLE. Whether taking an exam with less time or having to answer more questions in a shorter span, Mock Exams definitely help students get prepared for what they are about to face because Mock exams will look and feel like your real PSLE. Even though Mock exams-Day.

3. It helps students to try and test different strategies.

Throughout Mock Exams and the actual PSLE day, students are bound to get stressed trying and testing different strategies. Children have been practicing on for Mock Exams is the best way to get used to taking exams and gives you a taste of what it feels like. Mock exams definitely help students prepare for the unexpected and thus eliminating any chances of ‘shock-horror!’ moments.

4. It helps students to know how to use time efficiently

The Mock exam is an excellent time management skill that students will need to know during the real PSLE Day. Mock exams help students develop the ability to utilize their time effectively by approaching each Mock Exam as a real PSLE.

5. Time to learn from your mistakes

Students will not be able to score at their best all the time which Mock exams are a great way to enable students to learn from their mistakes to improve for every Mock Exam. This helps students realize where they lack and what areas they need more practice in, thus approaching Mock Exams as a learning experience.

Explico wants all PSLE students to have the best chance at success in their exam, which is why we have crafted MOCK EXAM with EX-MOE teacher’s feedback and evaluation right after the MOCK. The PSLE is an important milestone in the lives of many children. As parents or teachers, it’s our responsibility to help them understand the root of their anxiety and learn how to overcome it.

How does mock help to prepare before PSLE?
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    The best way to prepare for any examination is with practice papers or workbooks – but they can only take you so far. That’s why we also offer mock examinations that will condition your child to perform under an examination environment and emotional readiness sessions that will help them manage some level of expectations during the actual examination.

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