PSLE Mock Exam: Check your child’s readiness level before the exam


Are you worried about your child’s PSLE performance?

If you want to help your child prepare for exams, make sure that their emotional readiness is addressed as well. Talking about the test beforehand and allowing them time to process any worries they have will reduce stress levels right before taking it, leading to better performance on exam day. One way of doing this would be by giving mock examinations in an environment similar but not identical to what’s found during actual PSLE exam times or with other students who are also preparing so that children get used to being timed while under pressure, like when they take PSLE Exam. Perhaps another option could involve having parents give individualised feedback in a one-to-one sessions with the teacher, so kids know how close their answers were without feeling too discouraged if things weren’t perfect!

There are many different reasons why this improves your child’s score in PSLE, but it all comes back to one concept: preparation. It is an excellent opportunity to get an idea of how your child will do on the PSLE. It’s also a chance to experience the process and highlight areas that he may need more attention in, help with, or further reinforcements. 

Explico will hold nationwide mock exams and one-to-one feedback sessions, which can help students understand their weaknesses. They’ll also prepare your kids emotionally – so they’re ready for the big day!

The upcoming EXPLICO Mock examination in the last week of AUG 2021 shall serve as an excellent platform to ascertain a student’s level of readiness. Yet, it is a mock that should not be taken as an indicator for PSLE performance. Instead, it is an opportunity to have your child experience the process and highlight areas that he may require more attention in, help with, or further reinforcements.

Reflecting on the past few weeks spent gearing up for this exam, there are some key points worth mentioning:

– The importance of understanding how each question type works and what skills are reflected by them; will enable students to identify questions they can answer quickly and those they need assistance with (e.g., fillers).

– Students should read through the entire question before answering any of them, not only for comprehension purposes but to check if they’ve answered all parts of a multiple-part question.

– Identify with what question type to answer and which can be skipped from the beginning

– Students should take their time with each answer; this will ensure no errors in computations and spelling or grammar mistakes.

– Practicing these skills repeatedly will help build muscle memory and make sure they understand what it takes to perform at the PSLE level.

Maintaining a positive and supportive atmosphere will go a long way in easing the stress of your child. Try to avoid arguments, even if they are about trivial things. If you can’t resist arguing with someone else in the home try sharing something exciting or talking about how great school was that day instead!

Sign up today so that your child can be prepared for their future exams and have fun while they learn! They’ll love it, too – there’s no stress involved because this is just a mock exam. Your child will be able to see what it feels like to take an exam without any pressure! And if they don’t do well, we’ll give them personalized feedback on what they could improve on before their real PSLE. There’s nothing better than getting ahead of the game early!


PSLE Mock Exam: Check your child’s readiness level before the exam
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