Essential Study Tools That Boost Productivity and Performance


Getting your child to be on their academic A-game can be a lot of work. It requires a hands-on approach from parents, teachers, and guardians. However, some children still perform suboptimally even with a concerted effort from parents and teachers. Factors like illness, laziness and even distractions can cause subpar performance by children. Thankfully, you can employ online tools these days to boost efforts in getting your child to be more productive.

This article explains some factors that hamper productivity and high performance in children. It then goes further to share some of the online tools to use to improve productivity and performance.

What hampers productivity and high performance?

Several factors could account for your child’s poor productivity and performance. Learning about them would position you better to eliminate them. Here are a few of those factors:

Different development paces

Children develop at different paces. Some are fast learners, while others take it a lot slower. You should monitor your child to know if they are a slow learner. Typically, it’d take a slow learner longer to grasp concepts that appear relatively straightforward. This is not a challenge. It just means that you will have to put much more effort into ensuring your child succeeds.



Constant distraction could also be the source of your child’s low productivity. It isn’t easy to carry out tasks successfully when one cannot concentrate. It is even worse when said task is studying.

Distractions could come in various forms. These include disturbances from the immediate environment, such as kids playing in the background. Another major source of distraction is mobile devices.


It would interest you to know that school and study can be stressors for children. Students may tend to worry about schoolwork, quizzes, and exams. Beyond that, navigating social interactions at school can also be a source of stress. Just like with adults, stress lowers productivity for children. Thus, your child may not be doing well in school because they are worrying and stressed out.

Tools to improve your child’s productivity and performance

Below, we discuss some of the online study tools that promise to boost your child’s productivity and performance.

1.    General Study Tools

A cursory search online will reveal various study tools. They are often designed for specific functions. For instance, there are tools for creating quizzes for your child. For most, you can customize the quizzes and likewise find answers to the quiz questions on the platforms.

Another popular study tool type is the one you can use to create flashcards. This is an option to explore if you want to diversify your child’s memorization process. Study tools like Grammarly are perfect for improving your child’s grammar, punctuation, etc. This eventually improves your child’s learning process, promising a boost in productivity.

2.   Scheduling Tools

Scheduling tools are designed to help your child keep track of tasks like assignments and deadlines. Most allow you to sort assignments according to due dates and also to cross out completed tasks. You can use these tools even if you have more than one child. Most are optimized for mobile devices and for laptops as well.

3.   Online Resource Tools


Various online platforms offer courses on different topics. Some of the courses are paid for, while some are free. You can enroll your children to take courses on these platforms and also monitor them while they are at it. It is a great way to have your children learn new subjects. One of the most popular online resource platforms is Udemy. You can download the Udemy app or use the web version on your device.

4.  Time Management Tools

Children who struggle with completing their tasks within time may need the help of a time management tool. A time management tool proves helpful in various circumstances.

For instance, your child can learn about creating to-do lists and task prioritization. These tools also empower you to limit the time your child spends on frivolous activities.

You will find various options online. However, do not forget to consider how relevant any particular tool you choose is to your child’s needs.

5.   Concentration Tools

Short attention spans and susceptibility to distractions are not unique to children. However, these challenges can prevent your child from performing optimally. Tools that help concentration employ various techniques. Some improve mindfulness and meditation, while others aid your child’s development of active listening skills.

You will also find many of these concentration tools online. Read reviews on each one and then decide on the way to go.

Explico is the ultimate resource cache if you are looking to improve your child’s productivity and performance

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Essential Study Tools That Boost Productivity and Performance
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