How do parents stay sane during HBL?


Home-based learning for primary students is starting today and will continue till 7th October. The start of HBL for Primary students has many parents on edge. HBL means kids will get more screen time, and they, therefore, have to be more careful than ever about what their children watch and play with. HBL also often comes with a more sedentary lifestyle as children would rather play games on the computer or sit in front of the TV than go outdoors.

There is a lot you can do as a parent to make HBL less chaotic:

1) Stay updated – It would be best if you stay up-to-date with the HBL agenda and key events, and this will help you guide your child if they get stuck while doing classwork (and doubtlessly, you’ll always end up helping them out).

2) Stay involved – HBL gives kids a chance to learn at their own pace, which often results in parents not getting involved as much with their child’s learning process anymore. While it is good that kids are learning independently, there are still HBL activities that you can do with your child. Try to involve them so that they get more updates on their regular activity. Try to be positive about HBL and talk to them regularly about this.

3) Motivate for Physical exercise Kids during HBL may be glued to the screen for long periods of time, which could cause problems for their physical health. You can help them stay active by suggesting outdoor games or encouraging your child to take frequent breaks while doing HBL work. Some short 5-minute activities include rope skipping, playing with a musical instrument, running up and down the stairs, bottle flips simple baking. Do something fun together.  

4) Be a good role model It’s easy for you, the parent, to get angry if your child’s work isn’t done on time but try to show patience and calmly handle the situation. Remember, The more patient you are with your child, the more patient your child will be too!

5) Keep healthy snacks around HBL also means that children stay indoors for more extended periods. This can lead to weight gain because of tending to eat junk food when they are bored or feel hungry while doing HBL at home. Make sure you have healthy snacks around so they don’t feel tempted to eat junk food.

6) Reduce TV Time: TV watching has been linked to obesity, and HBL can be a perfect time to reduce screen time. For instance, while HBL requires reading books or news articles, you can suggest your child watch educational programs during HBL breaks instead of cartoons.

7) Read with your kids: HBL provides an excellent opportunity for you to spend time with your kids. Try reading an HBL article before class begins and see if they’re interested in it.

It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. But what about recess?

Follow your child outside every day, even for just one minute! Then, spend some time in that fresh air – or inside- playing games with them while you learn how they think creatively as well as grow stronger together through this challenging period ahead.

How do parents stay sane during HBL?
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