5 WAYS: How To Make Holiday Better For Kids


You’ve heard the words “less is more.” Well, when it comes to holiday consumption, you can probably use that principle in reverse—more is more! The holiday season provides us with many fun opportunities for giving our children special treats and presents.

But before you go buying up everything your kids want, make sure they understand what makes this time of year so magical: the spirit of giving.

When children give back during the holiday season, they feel like their efforts are meaningful and appreciated because other people (often family members) receive gifts directly from their actions or generosity. 

This creates an opportunity for families to reinforce positive values like service and empathy through simple acts both big and small that show.

1) PRESENT GIFT TO THEM: When kids are young, they might be most excited about the presents under their trees. However, children mustn’t lose sight of what giving gifts can do for others and how rewarding this act can be on its own. As adults, we know that giving a present holds just as much value as receiving one does, so why not share these ideas with our children? One way you could encourage your child’s love for gift-giving at an early age would be by helping them create or find something unique while shopping together during the holiday season when they get older.

Remember that the best gifts you give your children are probably not material ones. Spend time with your family by playing a game, watching a movie, or decorating sugar cookies instead of giving them an item they will forget about in days to come.

2) TRY TO KEEP THEM BUSY: The holidays can be a fun and exciting time for younger children who are unaccustomed to extended breaks from school. However, this break in routine may lead your children to become restless and want to play video games or watch television programs when they should be preparing for Christmas dinner with their grandparents. So, before the holiday season begins, let THEM know how to use their time and what kind of things you will do together.

3) PLAN AN ADVENTURE: The holiday season is an excellent time for your children to engage with the world around them and explore new places they haven’t been before. Taking kids on an unexpected journey can help keep them engaged and having fun while spending time with family members.

4) INVITE extended family to stay: With so many holiday parties and get-togethers taking place, there’s a good chance some of your children’s aunts or uncles might not have anywhere else to go on certain nights. Providing a comfortable setting for guests can help children to engage and have more fun.

5) TAKE PROPER REST: With so much excitement during the holiday season, children can sometimes get over-tired and lose interest in what’s happening around them. If your child is exhausted, chances are they aren’t going to be in the mood for playing games or opening presents. Please encourage your children to get plenty of sleep at night by setting a proper bedtime, so they always wake up on time.

Most kids get pretty tired during the holiday season, and there’s a good chance they’ll be on their best behavior every time you go to another event. But make sure not to schedule more than one demanding activity in a day, as this will only increase your kid’s frustration level – which might turn them into brats! You need to remember that children also enjoy physical activities and plenty of downtime besides just going from place to place with no breaks. And don’t forget: They’re thankful for everything you do too!

5 WAYS: How To Make Holiday Better For Kids
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