7 Ways to Stay Focused During Exam Season


It’s exam season; your revision schedule is set, you know what to study and how to go about it, you’ve even managed to get yourself the perfect spot to study in.

But there lies a problem. As challenging as it may seem for some people, staying focused can be just as difficult. Many kids get distracted by the buzz of the air-conditioner or that person who keeps sniffling! Yup, distractions are everywhere these days. So here are seven ways that you can use to stay focused during your exam studies:

1) Use your time wisely 

You have about limited minutes per topic, so take advantage of this time and learn as much as you can about the topic. Say, for example, you have 30 minutes to study one chapter – do not waste this time browsing through social media and checking your phone every 5 seconds! Instead, use this time to focus and recap what has been taught.

2) Do not be over ambitious 

There is no point trying to study 10 chapters at once when you are only given 30 minutes per topic. Take it slow – do not rush through your topics simply because there is more to cover. Doing so will leave you confused and unable to recall what has been taught. Instead, take the topics one by one and try to recap before moving on to the next topic.

3) Practise writing out notes 

I know some people might find this tedious, but practicing writing out your notes is an excellent way for you to go over them again, especially when you have little time left. Writing out notes will also boost your memory if done correctly!

4) Say no to procrastination 

Don’t try to delay your studies by telling yourself you can do it tomorrow. If you have time, then you should make the most of it. Make a pact with yourself to get up an hour earlier or stay up an hour later and get through your work! If you finish all of your topics for that particular day, don’t stop there; start revising another day or choose another topic from the syllabus to revise! So basically, if you find yourself with spare time to kill, check your notes or revise another topic.

5) Take a break now and then 

Don’t study for hours on end without taking a break; it will affect your concentration levels and ability to absorb new content after some time. That is why it is essential to take short breaks (about 10 – 15 minutes at most), especially during long study sessions. Therefore, taking up this practice could help you save more time than continuing studying without breaks!

6) Plan ahead 

Planning ahead can save you so much time when revising because you already know where you want to go next before starting your revisions. This means you won’t waste any time thinking of what you have to do next. The best part about doing so is that it gives you a clear idea of how much you have done and still have left to go, which will help relieve some stress!

7) Get your family involved 

Yes, your parents are always there for you, but sometimes they are the ones who distract us from our studies! That is why they must know EXACTLY when you are busy studying, giving them a rough estimate of the time range. This way, they won’t disturb you unnecessarily during this period. 

If you have sports commitments with your friends, maintain those activities. You may need a break from revision, but it’s vital for keeping your mind fresh and healthy! Make sure that you’re eating well while taking time out of studying- don’t let all this knowledge consume every ounce of energy not to become overwhelmed by stress. Instead, make sure you get enough sleep and exercise regularly to stay focused!

To conclude:

There’s no such thing as the “perfect” way of studying. Experiment with different methods, find out what works for you, and stay focused throughout the revision!

7 Ways to Stay Focused During Exam Season
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