4 Ways To Prepare Your Child For PSLE

PSLE exam is a few weeks away. As a parent, we asked our child to prepare for the PSLE, but what do they really need to prepare?

The most important thing is not about clocking hours or memorising a mountain of information. It’s all in how we learn and study smarter; here are some simple tips that can help:  

  1. As your child heads into battle with their peers-remind them constantly they’re going up against other people as well! And don’t forget good old fashioned peer pressure works wonders too 😉 
  2. Find out which strategies work best for them – so they enjoy reading large amounts at once, breaking it down chapter by chapter, or do they prefer reviewing after every question. 

Below are few more tips that can help your child to score well in PSLE: 


It can be tough to make time for revision, especially when you have a hectic schedule. However, you can help your child stay motivated by setting small, attainable goals for the revision process. For instance, you might place a goal to learn ten new phrases by the end of the day or master transition from direct speech into a reported one in ten days time frame with more detail as it progresses!

Maintaining achievable targets will make classroom work seem less daunting because they allow children to control how quickly progress happens, which is essential when feeling uncertain about themselves at school.


More often than not, you will find that your child is making the same (exasperating) mistake repeatedly. It could be a particular component or question type – but it’s important to remember why they might keep doing this! After analyzing errors together with his teacher(s), focus on their common pitfalls by applying answering skills needed so as not only to help him learn the material more efficiently. 


Praise your child for the work they do right. However, if a task isn’t completed correctly, be nurturing and guide them to overcome their mistakes by encouraging words affirming who they are as individuals with unique strengths.

In addition to being supportive of you both when times get tough, talk openly about difficult topics like mistakes made during schoolwork so there are no surprises down the line-especially if something goes wrong at home while mom has gone out job hunting again!


A study break is necessary for your child to have the stamina to last through an intensive month. In addition, implementing these regular activities would give him an opportunity of unwinding and consolidating what’s learned during this time, whether it be chatting with family members or reading chapters from his favorite novels-these are all healthy ways in which adults can take care of their well being too!

PSLE is just the first hurdle of an academic race that will be won or lost in many different ways. But, even if your child stumbles, they should know you’re there to help them pick themselves up and move forward because they have a strong mind with which success can happen at any time – no matter how old someone may seem!

PSLE mark sheets are important but fail-safe route markers for future learning achievements; assessing where kids stand academically now so we better understand challenges ahead as well what resources might best meet those needs in the future.

4 Ways To Prepare Your Child For PSLE
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