How To Help Your Child Achieve Their Goals Every Academic Session


Every parent wants their child to succeed academically. Some go as far as setting academic targets for their children every academic session. However, it isn’t every child that hits their academic target. In fact, some children perform abysmally every session, much to the disappointment of their parents.

If you are such a disappointed parent, we have news for you: you can indeed help your child smash their academic goals year in and year out. Do bear in mind that this will take some work from you. However, if you are committed to the process, you will start seeing results within time. Read on for more.

Actionable steps to get your child to achieve their goals every academic session

Here are some of the tested and trusted tips to implement:

1.    Set reasonable and actionable goals

You will be setting yourself up for failure if you set up unrealistic goals for your child. Consider how they are currently doing, then set appropriate goals with that in mind. After setting the goals, inform your child of the goals. Do not forget that your child is an active participant in this journey. They should be willing and committed to achieving their academic goals if they ever aim to attain them.

2.   Develop good study habits

Studying is non-negotiable if your child will get to meet their academic goals. However, you have to ensure that your child is not just putting in enough time to study but that they are studying correctly.

One way to improve your child’s study process is to eliminate distractions. Hence, make sure the TV is turned off while they study. Also, your child should not access their phones during their study periods. Finally, create a proper study routine. Children benefit from a reliable routine.

3.   Keep in touch with your child’s school teachers

Regardless of your involvement in your child’s education, you cannot tell exactly what happens in the classroom. You can eliminate this blindside by working with your child’s school/teacher. Research shows that children benefit more, perform better, and have more fulfilling academic experiences when parents collaborate with teachers.

Thus, the first thing to do is to get in touch with your child’s teacher. Get their contact details and keep those handy. Also, make it easy for the teacher to contact you.

Next, communicate with your child’s teachers. Have regular chats and calls to be updated on how your child is faring.

Finally, act on feedback from your child’s school. If your child’s teacher gives you any information about your child, act on it. That way, you show the teacher that you appreciate their insight, and they will be open to sharing more with you in the future.

4.  Factor in rest and exercise

explico-blog-8941639The health of your child is an important determinant of whether they will achieve their academic goals or not. If your child is sick, hitting academic goals will be the least of your concerns. In addition, exercise and rest also actively contribute to academic success.

Hence, ensure your child is eating and resting properly and exercising frequently. Your child’s mental health should also not be left out. If your child is unusually stressed from their school work, find out what the stressor is and eliminate it.

“Don’ts” To Avoid If Your Child Will Meet Their Academic Goals

We have spoken about a few things to do to help your child meet their academic goals. Here are two key things to avoid if your child will meet their goals.

Do Not Be Fixated on Grades/Results

The goal should be to get your child to learn adequately, not necessarily on the grade. This is especially if your child is struggling. Instead, focus on ensuring that the learning process benefits your child.

Also, it might be helpful to remember that the results will most likely not be instantaneous. For example, if your child is a poor performer, you cannot wave a wand and get them to the top of the class. Bearing this in mind helps you gauge your expectations. This way, you will not put too much pressure on yourself or your child.

Do Not Let Anxiety Dictate Your Actions

Do not panic when working with your child, regardless of how poorly your child is doing. This can be hard. For instance, if you receive another terrible report from your child’s teacher, you may want to get into panic mode. Don’t. How you react will eventually be translated to how you deal with your child.

Explico can help your child smash their academic goals!

While you work to help your child hit their academic goals, you need all the help you can get. Explico is a reliable companion on your journey. This platform allows you to set targets, monitor goals, and analyze your child’s well-being. We also conduct assessments from time to time and point out areas your child needs to improve. You will find all you need for your child to succeed in one place. Reach out today, and let’s help you help your child.

How To Help Your Child Achieve Their Goals Every Academic Session
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