6 Interesting Things To Discuss With Your Child


There are many reasons why having meaningful conversations with your kids is essential. According to the Harvard Graduate School of Education, conversations can improve their literary skills and ignite their brain’s language center. Talking with your kids will enhance their verbal reasoning, vocabulary, and grammar. Conversations are essential for your child’s cognitive development regardless of socioeconomic level.

Besides improving their academic prowess, discussions with your child can shape their personalities. It can help them develop empathy, boost their self-esteem, and improve their listening abilities/communication skills. When you communicate with your kids, you’ll be able to understand them better and improve the family bond. Regular discussions with children strengthen trust and ensure that they can also talk to you about anything.

More than talking to your children, it’s important to talk WITH them. Meaningful conversations also mandate that you’re intentional about the things you discuss with them. To get the best out of your discussions, choose fun topics that will interest your kids while also helping them learn new stuff. We’ll discuss six of the best conversation starters in this article.

Your Kid Will Love These Six Interesting Topics

It’s a relief to know that kids love to talk and are almost always ready to have exciting conversations. These are some interesting topics to enhance discussions between you and your child:

1.    Food

Did you know that at least 9% of the world’s population battles with eating disorders? Now you know. Fortunately, you can ensure that your kids develop healthy eating habits early on by talking to them about food now. You can make healthy eating topics interesting for them by having them as you prepare meals together.

You can have conversations about food by having them talk to you about their favorite and worst meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Also, ask about their favorite snacks, whether they prefer sweet foods to spicy ones, etc.

One tip to follow when having food conversations is to avoid basing your point on the health benefits of certain foods. Instead, talk to them about their lovely smell, taste, and colors. This can spike their curiosity and encourage them to explore them.

2.    Feelings

Feelings and emotions are essential and interesting topics to discuss with your kids. An effective conversation about feelings will improve their emotional intelligence and help them grow into responsible adults.  It helps them to avoid throwing tantrums, curb aggressive behaviors and teach them the proper ways of interacting with people. Emotion management also builds resilience in your kids and prepares them to navigate life’s challenges.

When discussing emotions with your kids, focusing on anger, sadness, fear, and jealousy is essential. Start by identifying and explaining the feeling.  Then teach them how to handle such feelings when they experience them. Also, get them to talk about what makes them happy, sad, scared, and shy.

3.    The World and Their Environment

Children are curious about their surroundings, and you can leverage their curiosity to teach them about the world around them. Little wonder why many children’s books include fascinating animals like dinosaurs, dolphins, etc.

The world is always a great conversation starter and makes an interesting topic when going on walks with your kids. Talk to them about animals, the weather, and similar topics that interest them. This will expand their vocabulary and help them appreciate nature.

4.   Friends and Family

Children love to talk about their friends and the people in their lives. So, talk to your kids about the importance of building meaningful friendships and family bonds. Ask them about their favorite people and why they love them. Also, talk to them about making sacrifices and essential qualities to look out for in their best buddy.

5.    Plans and Activities

It’s important to teach your children proper decision-making and organizational skills as early as possible. So, involve them in your plans while ensuring that they learn to make their plans too. Talk to them about their favorite activities, places, and items for every outing. You can also ask them about their day and how the activities they performed made it a productive one.

6.   The Past

You can have conversations about your childhood with your children. Kids are curious about their parents’ upbringing, and the chances are that they’ve already asked you questions in that direction. Talking to your children about your past can help them learn from your mistakes. It also helps to boost trust, understand reality, and understand you better.

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6 Interesting Things To Discuss With Your Child
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