Ancient Parenting Tricks That Work


Every parent’s goal is to raise responsible and functional children with excellent mental, physical and social well-being. However, parenting styles have changed over the years, as parents consistently adopt modern parenting practices to raise their kids.

However, although modern parenting styles are great, incorporating old parenting tricks can create a balance.

For example, while modern parenting practices are flexible, inclusive, and liberating, traditional parenting restricting approaches instills obedience and responsibility in children. Therefore, adopting both methods can help you provide the comprehensive training your kids need to be their best as adults. With this in mind, we’ve provided the top ten ancient parenting strategies that are still effective in raising kids today.

Let’s take a look.

Best traditional parenting styles that still apply today


Try these old parenting tricks to raise your kids excellently in these contemporary times.

1.   Assertiveness

Modernity leaves most parents wanting to be the “cool” mom and dad. While this is acceptable, it’s best to be firm while staying friendly and calm with the kids. Studies show that children raised by authoritative parents are likely to be well-behaved, socially accepted, and self-reliant.

So, don’t be too caught up in playing the super-nice role that modernity expects from parents. Create rules and stand by them. However, this doesn’t mean you should be unemphatic and flexible. The idea is to combine warmth with authority when creating and enforcing rules in the home.

Be nurturing and sensitive, but commit to your decisions. Doing this will cultivate respect and obedience, impacting their relationship with authorities as they grow.

2.    Being more of a parent than a friend

Modern parenting and social media have blurred the lines between being a parent and being your child’s best friend. However, the traditional parenting approach that remains effective is maintaining your role as a parent while being your child’s friend.

So, while your kids are comfortable enough to express their discomforts, you should create boundaries to build mutual respect.

3.    Creating  time for outdoor fun

Today’s kids live sedentary lives. They spend long periods in front of their laptops and T.V screens or by their desks studying. Encouraging them to play outside is an old parenting trick that can improve their social skills and cultivate an independent mindset.

So, get them out and let them have fun playing games with their friends. Encourage them to take evening walks and embrace nature. Also, teach them how to skate, swim and perform other aerobic, outdoor exercises to boost their cardiovascular health.

Supervise them where necessary, but give them the freedom to play, form good social relationships, and solve challenges on the playground.

Outdoor fun builds kids’ sensorimotor skills. They also learn to survive with little to no supervision, teaching them to think for themselves and create an independent mindset. So, if you are looking to inculcate survival and interpersonal relationship skills in your children, adopting these traditional techniques is a game-changer.

4.   Assigning chores

Building a sense of responsibility in your kids is crucial to raising responsible adults. There’s no better way to do this than to assign little tasks for them to complete. While the modern parenting approach often neglects this and prefers parents to help their kids, delegating small tasks to kids makes them accountable.

Also, it offers the feeling of accomplishment associated with finishing tasks, boosting their self-esteem. Therefore, give them little assignments to do every day. You can also reward them after completion to boost their morale.

5.    Giving breaks

Having high expectations from your kids may lead you to overwhelm them with several responsibilities, especially school work. This can leave them frustrated and exhausted, hampering their concentration and creativity.

Therefore, examine their calendar and introduce breaks into their schedule. You can also restructure their calendar, eliminating unnecessary tasks so they can focus on what is relevant, creating room for breaks.

6.   Letting them fail and learn from their mistakes

Modern parenting may make you overprotective, you may find yourself trying hard to protect your children from making mistakes and experiencing failure. Adopting the old parenting trick of letting them fail will help them identify their shortcomings and improve.

 Also, it will help them manage expectations and know they won’t always get what they want all the time. With this mindset, they can learn to prevent future disappointment by realistically setting expectations. They will also have the right attitude to failure, seeing it as less of a setback and more as an opportunity for growth.


Adopting specific old parenting tricks can help you groom your children in the best way. This article discussed the top six ancient parenting tricks you can introduce to achieve better results with your parenting.

Ancient Parenting Tricks That Work
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