Growing EdTech industry of Singapore

Growing EdTech industry of Singapore

EdTech, also known as education technology, consists of everything around us. From computers to teaching math to the submission of assignments online, online degree platforms, online gaming, virtual reality technology to simple mobile learning applications, and much more.

The education technology sector has had drastic changes in the past decade and is still in the process of evolution to deliver the best products and services. With the amazing advancements in technology, the education industry is also moving towards cost-effective solutions. As the development continues, there is an increase in the need for technological innovations in the educational processes and data to enable better decision plans, responsiveness to customer demands, improved product design & quality, and faster turnaround times.

Growing EdTech industry of Singapore:

All around the world, the joint conjecture of education and technology is rapidly growing, and the unique education and assessment system of Singapore provides the best platform for the greatest opportunities in Singapore’s EdTech sector.

The education sector of Singapore has seen many phases, and now it is reaching towards sustainability. The EdTech sector can be summarized by the statement given by Shivani Shukla, ‘EdTech in Singapore has evolved. In the early days, it was limited to online content access. Today, EdTech has grown to include learner data analysis, gamification, social learning, and personalized learning solutions to help students learn more efficiently,’. Shivani Shukla is the CEO and co-founder of the EdTech firm Teamie.

Edtech providers the best tools for students:

The education industry of Singapore is now providing the best tools to its children to learn and grow into a valuable person of society. With the help of automated homework and assignments assistance tools, online tuitions from the world-class teachers, online assessment for school students and colleges, online analysis of overseas colleges, and their applications, the Edtech industry in Singapore is providing the best future to its children. Singapore, with its education and academically focused culture, is a fertile breeding ground for new tech start-ups hoping to gain worldwide success. 

The Impact of Online Assessment On the Educational Sector:

The online assessment is a significant technological advancement that is being added to the Singapore Education System and Singapore public schools. Conducting tests has become easy and less stressful with the technology and has revolutionized the Singapore Primary Education as well as the Asian education sector. Exams are conducted on a computer, which ultimately saves a lot of time for students as well as teachers. Research has found that students are more willing to go through an online assessment instead of a traditional method. Moreover, the students feel delighted with instant feedback and results after the test.

It’s time for parents and kids to adapt to Edtech:

The education sector is changing fast, and Edtech is the new face of education. With millions of apps online and every course available on the internet, you can quickly learn everything. So it’s time for parents and children to adapt to the changing trends and shun conventional methods of the past and look towards a new horizon of the Edtech or else your children will lag in this game of rabbit and tortoise and in this game rabbit will win! (Rabbit being the education and tortoise being your kid).

Growing EdTech industry of Singapore
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