Growing Edtech Sector In Asia

Education technology (edtech) is a rapidly growing field globally, and Asia region is one of the strongest contributors when it comes to using and delivering advanced technology platforms in Education sector. According to Hawksford report much of the edtech sector’s growth is driven by demand from Asia Pacific and the region alone is projected to represent 54 percent of the global edtech market by 2020.

Singapore is seen as the epicentre in evolving new technologies and there has been growth in companies investing more on research and development of various platforms in Education. This growth is strongly backed by governments ecosystem and commitments toward education system.

According to HSBC survey Singapore comes 3rd globally in terms of spending on Child education compared to global average which is two third of it. As per statistics on average, Singaporean parents spend S$155 – S$255 a month on tuition for their children. At Explico we see an opportunity that requires to keep a check on the various offline an online learning platform and it’s important for a parent and child to measure the outcome of learning and assess themselves regularly. We are creating ourselves as a niche system and evolving in these rapid growths of EdTech sector

Growing Edtech Sector In Asia

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