AI Prominence In Education

Alexa or Siri are a couple of good examples of AI being a part of our daily lives and how well they adapt, learn and in turn cater to our requirements.

Taking that step of learning towards a different direction, it does play a rather vital role in education and how AI is getting more involved in the education and learning. The algorithms used follow and study patterns, after which suggestions are made based on user, in this case student, preference.

At Explico we spent months of research on how we can bring a system that can assess student regularly which will help them to learn and better themselves to reach the desired outcome and objectives

Due to its analyzing core, AI can cater to each student’s need and gauge their performance over time. Bear in mind, AI is not here to replace teachers, rather it is a useful tool where teachers can be more effective in meeting student needs.

AI Prominence In Education
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    Explico provides a unique platform to help students identify weaknesses and strengths for them to grow. The Assessment-Based Learning (ABL) system allows teachers, parents or guardians, and the student to find out where they need extra focus so that their potential is maximized.

    Are you looking for a way to help your child prepare for their PSLE?
    The best way to prepare for any examination is with practice papers or workbooks – but they can only take you so far. That’s why we also offer mock examinations that will condition your child to perform under an examination environment and emotional readiness sessions that will help them manage some level of expectations during the actual examination.

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