Mock Exam FAQ | PSLE Exams | AI Learning

  • Is the Mock Exam one test per subject?

    Yes, we are currently launching one full paper per subject.

  • What is the duration of the test?
  • Is the test online? Do we need to print?

    Yes, it is 100% online so no printing is required.

  • How do I submit the Compositions or open-ended questions?

    Your child may write the answers (just like during PSLE) and you can take a picture of it, and scan/upload it for our examiners to mark. The marking turnaround will be around 3 days upon submission.

  • When can I attempt the Mock Paper after buying it?

    You can attempt the Mock Paper anytime between 11th April to 17th April (Mid-Year Mock) or between 8th August to 12th August (Year-End Mock).

  • When will I get the results?

    The MCQ and Short Answers will be marked automatically upon submission. Those that require marking by our examiners will take about 3 days turnaround.

  • What if I cannot finish the paper?

    The Mock Exam is structured like the real PSLE paper; thus, you would need to commit to finish the paper once you start.

  • What does the Mock Paper include?

    The Mock paper includes the suggested answers, marked by our examiner and a Strength Analysis report for your child, followed by 30 minutes online 1-1 session with the examiner.

  • What is the Strength Analysis Report?

    The Strength Analysis Report is a report that shows the results of your child, his top 3 Strong Topics and 3 Weakest Topics. This will help your child identify topics that he needs to focus on for the PSLE.

  • Why should I attend the 1-1 session?

    The 1-1 session is beneficial for doubt clearing of questions and answers and highly recommended for your child to understand where his understanding gaps are to better prepare him for PSLE exam. As the 1-1 session is online, parents may also join the session.

  • Who will be the tutor for 1-1 session?

    We have a panel of tutors to choose from. Parents may book the sessions based on preference of tutor and timing. Time slots will be made available the week after the Mock Papers.

  • Can parents attend the 1-1 session together?

    Yes, parents may join the session as it is an online 1-1 session.

  • What if I need more than 30 minutes of 1-1 session?

    Do let us know if you wish to book more sessions, it will be arranged on a per request basis.

  • I have more questions, who can I ask?

    You may WhatsApp Explico support at +65-83999744 for more queries.