PSLE Science - Overview

Primary 6 or PSLE Science courses mark an exciting new chapter for any student′s journey in Science. Building on what was learned previously, PSLE Science introduces them to more complex scientific principles and concepts, including Earth sciences, Life sciences, Physical sciences as well as topics on Ecosystems such as Food Chains, Food Webs and Adaptations - among many other topics! Through engaging experiments and observations, students gain a better understanding of nature and the world around them. PSLE Science promotes critical thinking skills as well as applying their scientific knowledge to everyday situations and preparing them for further scientific investigations in future years!

List of Modules in PSLE Science


Module 1: Energy

The first module begins with Energy and the following concepts - forms of energy, sources of energy, energy conservation, and energy found in food. Students will learn about other forms of energy like heat, light, potential and kinetic energy. They will also learn about the differences between renewable and non-renewable energy. The modules also cover other energy sources such as geothermal energy, hydroelectric energy and nuclear energy from fossil fuels.

Module 2: Diversity and Interactions

Module 2 starts with revisiting the Primary 3 topics - Living and Non-living things and Materials. The child will learn about the fundamentals of forces, types of forces and their applications. They will understand that magnets also exert magnetic forces of attraction and repulsion.

Module 3: Systems

Module 3 is composed of the revision topics from Primary 3 and Primary 5. Students will revisit topics like the Electrical system, Plant transport system and the Human respiratory and Circulatory systems.

Module 4: Cycles

In this module, the students will be revisiting the Primary 4 topics like Matter and Life cycles of animals and plants. They will also recap concepts such as evaporation, condensation, melting and boiling points, all of which are important to fully understand the topic on Water Cycle.

Module 5: Interactions Within the Environment

This is a new module where students will be exposed to new concepts such as ‘Population’ and ‘Community’. They will learn about different types of habitats, their characteristics and the types of animals and plants found in these habitats. Students will also learn about animal and plant adaptations as well as food chains and food webs. This module also discusses how Man affects the environment around him in both positive and negative ways. Students will learn

Module 6: PSLE Preparation

This module encompasses 3 components: MCQ practice, open-ended practice and higher-order thinking skills. This module will also cover the dreaded open-ended section where the students will be reinforcing the techniques on how to formulate their solutions to include key concepts which are required in the PSLE exam.

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How to Learn PSLE Science with Ease?


An organized approach is key when learning Primary 6 Science. Begin by familiarizing yourself with its topics and curriculum. Take organized notes throughout each lesson for easier comprehension. Review and practice concepts regularly while conducting experiments whenever possible. Refer to additional resources such as books or online material when necessary for clarification. Join group discussions and study lessons with your peers and do not be shy to seek tutors' or teachers' help when necessary. Keep an open mind and remain observant since Science often involves practical applications. Keep a positive outlook when approaching scientific inquiries - this will make learning PSLE Science an enjoyable journey. The right PSLE science tuition will also help in many ways.

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Explico′s Online Tuition for PSLE science provides children with invaluable assistance as they navigate the complexities of Science education. Our online assessment platform prioritizes personalized learning by giving access to tutors who specialize in young student needs, making study engaging and enjoyable with interactive online lessons and live quizzes. Explico′s science tuition for Primary 6 aligns with the MOE curriculum. In addition, students can easily adjust their study schedule according to their individual schedule and preferences, helping them gain confidence, increase knowledge, and excel in PSLE science.

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  • What are the themes covered in PSLE Science in Singapore?

    PSLE science education in Singapore covers these 5 main themes - Diversity, Cycles, Systems, Energy and Interactions.

  • Are there standardized assessments or exams in PSLE Science?

    Singaporean students take part in the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) including its Science paper, to demonstrate their knowledge of Science concepts. This major exam takes place in end September till early October and the result is used to assess the child’s suitability to enter the various streams offered in Singapore Secondary Schools.

  • How can parents support their children′s Science education in Primary 6?

    Parents can assist their children in becoming successful learners by creating an ideal environment for learning, encouraging curiosity and offering help with homework and assignments. Additionally, parents can also enroll their child with a tuition centre or an online-based institution such as Explico, which can provide students with a customised learning experience.

  • What are some common challenges students face in PSLE Science?

    Some of the greatest challenges involve understanding complex scientific concepts and application of these concepts to exam questions which involve higher-order thinking skills and those which are experiment-based. The most common challenge for any PSLE student is the formulation of solutions in the Open-ended section.

  • What is the significance of PSLE Science in the Singaporean education system?

    PSLE science curricula play an essential role in building a firm foundation of scientific knowledge essential for future education, while simultaneously cultivating scientific habits of mind in students.