Explico Learning with AI

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  • Explico offers a personalized and dynamic learning journey for your child. Each child will start their journey with two basic assessments. Then, based on the results of the assessments, the child's top strengths and weaknesses will be identified in the Analysis Report.
  • The learning journey will recommend live sessions, recorded sessions (tutorials), and the next steps for the child.
  • This is a customized learning journey that grows with the child and the child's progress.
Ai Learning
Live session quiz

Live Sessions with Live Quiz

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  • Explico conducts regular Live Sessions, which are Topic and Modular based. This gives the child the flexibility to only attend (and pay for) sessions that they want.
  • Explico has a Live Quiz during the Live Session, which is interactive and brings a fun element to their learning online. In addition, every question completed by the child during these sessions will be made available in their Analysis Report and included in the AI assessment of each child's strengths and weaknesses. This enables each step of the child's learning to be updated in their learning journey.

Recorded Sessions

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  • Recorded Sessions are from recordings of live sessions and are helpful for revisions and self-study.
  • Explico has had more than 300 recorded sessions since 2020 where a child can learn from different tutors on the same topics.
Recorded sessions

Analytics and Report

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  • Explico Analysis Report gives an overview of where a child stands. A top view of the child's Top Strengths and Top Weaknesses is a dynamic report that changes based on the child's learning journey.
  • Explico Peer Comparison is a helpful tool to measure the child's performance against peers' results in Explico based on our AI database collected over the years.
  • Assessment reports for each assessment completed detail each question, answer by the child, and the recommended answers.

Workshops and Holiday Programs

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  • Explico conducts regular workshops and holiday programs that are skill-based and complement the child's learning.
Workshops and holiday programs
Mock Exams

Mock Exams

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  • Explico Mock Exams are 100% online.
  • The English, Mathematics, and Science subjects are set by former MOE teachers and based on the Singapore MOE exam format.
  • Experienced examiners mark all papers, and a private One to One session is available for the child to go through the Mock Exam paper with their tutor of choice. This helps to identify trouble spots and prepare better for the actual exam.
  • A strengths analysis report will also identify the child's top strengths and weaknesses.
  • Completing a mock exam will let your child be more prepared when the time comes. In addition, they will be familiar with doing exams under time pressure and with the exam format.

Personal One to One (1 - 1) online session with Tutor of Choice

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  • Explico offers the option for the child to book private One-on-one (1-1) online sessions with their tutor of choice.
  • Having private One to One online sessions is especially beneficial for those requiring a more personalized schedule of personal attention. It is also helpful for timely doubt clearing especially nearing the exam period.
  • Flexibility to book 24hours ahead and only pay for what you need.
1-1 Session

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